Friday, 6 January 2017

Best Money Advice Sites for 2017

 Here are my best sites for advice on making and saving money in 2017.

I do all the usual stuff, save £2 coins, check codes and vouchers, fill in surveys, mystery shop and enter comps. 

These sites make sure you are not missing anything else. The are also extremely good at motivating you. There is so much support on the forums or from the site owner.

I really like this article by skint Dad which he started in 2016 but can be used any year.  Basically you can save 1p on day one 2p on day two, 3p on day three etc until you get to the end of the year.

You could use this method to save for holidays, Christmas or an emergency fund.

Martin Lewis site 

has saved me hundreds of pounds over the years. The free advice and the support from the forums is amazing.

Save the student is an excellent site and not just for students!

Katykicker is running a money bootcamp on The Money Shed and she is very good.

Cora Harrison is excellent at making money via ebay/Amazon etc so checking out her youtube is a good way to start 2017.

For a bit of fun and the chance of winning some fabulous prizes check out Di Coke competition site, she is inspirational!

Meeting George at the BAFTA`S - One of my many  competition wins


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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fabulous London Theatre - including Katherine Jenkins for under £15

Now is the time to buy your theatre tickets for London shows, I have had some amazing deals by buying in January.

Often the midweek matinees are very quiet and you sometimes get upgraded to the stalls from balcony seats.  has a sale on seats including some for £10 and show/ meal deals from £25.

I quite like the saga ticket site  as I have always had good seats from them.

I never pay more than the cheapest amount for my ticket. My idea is I am seeing the same show and paying £15/20 for my ticket. I don`t mind being in the gods. I would never have seen half the shows I have if I had to pay £100 or more for a ticket.

My best bargain today are tickets to see the fabulous Katherine Jenkins for under £15.  In the amazing London Coliseum!  You are a very long way from the stage though in the balcony of the Coliseum, but at least it has lifts! What else could you get in London for that price? a cinema ticket maybe. 

Carousel Tickets £14.16 - ENO - Starring Katherine Jenkins‎

 This show only runs for 5 weeks from 7th April 2017 so book quick if you want to see it cheaply. 

My tickets are for Monday 10th April at 7.30 pm and cost £29 for two  balcony tickets. £14.50 each and I chose the print at home option. You can get your tickets sent to you at an extra cost.
Now is also the time to book those Travelodge rooms for London in the summer. I found some for £43 in August 2017. I love London but unless your smart and buy early you can pay a lot of money for a few days in the city.

I found a nice Travelodge in Richmond right by Richmond Park for £51 per night in early August. Kids stay free too so just book a family room and enjoy.
Hope you find yourself a few bargains! 

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Monday, 2 January 2017

I Love Ryanair! London to Dublin £20!

I love Ryanair!  I have just booked a flight from London Luton Airport to Dublin in May 2017 for £19.99.

Amazing price:

I have not added baggage because I don`t need to a small case to take onboard is enough.

I have not chosen my own seat because the flight is only just over an hour long.
I am traveling alone and don`t care where I sit. 

I have not added priority boarding as I have no problem waiting my turn. So basic flight price is £19.99 great! 

I fly back early June from Cork Airport as I am traveling along The Wild Atlantic Way - known as Ireland`s route 66, so I will finish my trip in Cork.

My sister lives in Glengarriff  on the west coast of Ireland and is traveling The Wild Atlantic Way with me.

I will be flying home with Aer Lingus, Cork to Heathrow Airport. I am paying £46.00.  I think this is a fantastic price. I again won`t be adding any extras as I don`t need them.

The trains and buses in Ireland are cheaper than in England and as my sister is 70 she will get some concessions. 

We are making use of the hotel offers so we can secure the hotels we want to stay in but not pay until we arrive.  There is no cancellation fee up to a few days before arrival. If we do need to change any hotel plans this will ensure we are not wasting money.  I can`t wait.

Map of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way:
Irish Tourist Board - Pinterest

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Simple Flower Arrangements for New Year 2017

Many people look for yellow sticker bargains after Christmas. Everyone hoping to fill the freezer and save some money in the deary skint days of January. I am no different, I stock up on cheese and veggies, chicken and salmon when I can.

I love to find flowers reduced by the supermarkets once they have pasted their sell by date. It doesn`t mean they are no longer beautiful just that they can no longer be sold as at their best.

All reduced at the local co-op store today

 I made this arrangement with the gorgeous purple tulips after removing two flowers that were a little withered.

Purple Tulips 

 I had put some black tape in strips across the top of the vase so the tulips could be arranged how I wanted them. Some cut taller than others so that they would spill over the sides of the vase.

  I used a large yellow vase for the lillies and some of the white carnations. I didn`t do anything other than cut the stems on an angle so the flowers could soak up some fresh cold water.

Lillie's and white carnations.
Next I left the Christmas Time bunch of flowers pretty much as they were. These should have been £20 and apart from a few sad leaves they looked fabulous.

Fresh Water and a trim, a large clear glass vase and they look lovely.
I had some red tulips left and after taking a little of the greenery from the larger bunches I put them in a glass jug. They brighten up a corner table and look very festive.

Total cost was under ten pounds.

My daughter Katrina whose photo you can see on the table loved flowers. I am sure she would approve of these fabulous flowers to welcome in 2017.


Sums it all up!:
quotes on pinterest

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas was lovely, Now time to think of Holidays

I was very lucky I got lots of lovely things.

I got a Coffee Machine from my neice and her children,lovely.

Books and a snuggly blanket from another neice. Fabulous

Books and flowers from my son Mark and  his wife Dawn. Perfume and an electric toothbush from Anthony my second son.

Lots of lovely cards and a beautiful canvas with the adorable Isabella and her sister Alice`s hand and footprints on.


 I will treasure it forever. 

Now it`s time to save for my holiday, which will be following the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.  

Picture from Irish tourism Board - Pinterest.

 I will be going in May and will be traveling independently, not part of a set tour. I shall be Mystery shopping, filling in surveys, eating frugally, selling on ebay and generally saving. My sister Maggie and I plan a ten day tour staying in bed and breakfast places and travelling by coach. 

We are hoping to manage on £100 per day, that is to cover everything. No easy fete as Ireland is very expensive. Hoping to stay a least a few nights in hostels to keep costs down.  I will be checking out hotels, travel costs etc over the next few weeks.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Puppies for Christmas

We have all heard the message a puppy is for life not just for Christmas. They are hard work, expensive, chew up everything in sight and need lots of exercise.

They are also completely adorable, just look at these perfect twins born early in December 2016. 

 Proud Mum Thena keeping a wary eye on anyone getting to close to her baby.  They are certainly going to be big dogs, mum and dad are German Shepards.

They will fit in well with my son Mark and his wife Dawn`s collection of animals. I can`t see either of them wanting to part with them.


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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Simple Christmas Flower Arrangements

I am no florist but I do like making frugal Christmas flower arrangements for myself or to give as gifts.

My favourite place to buy flowers is the fabulous Columbia Road Flower Market in London, which is only open on a Sunday. 

 (© Michelle Grant / Time Out)
Photo from Timeout London Magazine.

It is not always possible to get into London though so I am making do with supermarket flowers. There is a good selection at the moment with Christmas around the corner.

 I bought some pink roses, white carnations and some silver stars from Sainsburys, total cost £12.50. I already had some candles, fir cones and containers. 

I put a cup of water in the centre of this container, arranged the flowers and added a silver star. I then placed some silver Christmas baubles in the top of the container. This helps the flowers stay in place and looks quite nice.

Next I filled a large storm glass with fir cones, Christmas baubles and red beads. I put a candle into a stoneware holder and placed it in the storm glass. Simple but impressive, especially with another candle in a glass candle stick nearby.

This is what they look like grouped together. I will have to replace some of  the fresh flowers on Christmas eve but that`s fine as they will look lovely all this week.

I used most of the roses in this arrangement as well as the small unopened buds from the white carnations. The greenery was cut from outside and the holder was kept from recent birthday flowers.

This will make a great gift for my sister.

Why not have a try yourself, you don`t even have to spend anything, just fill a jug with holly and berries. You could try this one pinned from pinterest.

6 Simple Christmas Table Ideas (Perfect for Last Minute!) - Finding Home

Check out pinterest for more fabulous ideas.


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