Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Magazines - A Great Income Boost

Have you ever checked how much magazines pay for your personal story?

Many of the weekly women`s magazines are paying up to £2,000! that is a massive amount.
If you don`t fancy bearing your soul to the world how about sending in a tip. Check out pinterest for some ideas.

Magazines pay around £50 for a tip with a photo, £75 or a nice prize for star letters and anything from £10 to £75 for a funny photo. The magazines want your letters, photos etc to be exclusive to them so only send to one magazine not lots.

With  ` that`s life` magazine, you can email your tips or letters to

Around Christmas I earned  £100 form  magazine tips. 

 Egg boxes make great storage boxes for tree decorations #VCLifeHacks:
 This tip got me £25

I wrote the Santa Reindeer names on a card and put it in a picture frame because who can ever remember all the names. That tip got me £50 and I put some tee-lights in pretty cups with some coffee beans. The smell of the coffee beans was enhanced by the warmth of the candles. Another £25 for me.

I have just had another tip accepted and once it is published I will get £50.
Supermarket magazines are great too you can often get yourself some vouchers by writing a review or sending a picture. Next time you bake or make a fabulous dinner take a snap.

Here is my pinterest link to lots of tips

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Saturday, 22 April 2017


There's nothing better than staying in, putting your feet up and ordering a takeaway.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Five Fabulous Frugal Things This Week

Week ending 15/4/2017

#1 Staying with family in North Wales

I am very lucky my son and daughter in law live in a beautiful part of North Wales. I have been staying with them for four days this week and it has been wonderful.

Colwyn Bay North Wales

We visited Conwy a world heritage town with its fabulous castle and harbour.  Conwy Visitor Information  Angel Bay where a seal and her pup lay basking in the afternoon sun. Nature reserve at Angel Bay

Angel Bay North Wales

 Walked the dogs on the beach and had a wonderful lunch at this pub. Black Lion

 #2  First Aid Kit in a Water Bottle

I am going solo camping in the summer and will be doing some day hikes. I wanted a first aid kit that I could take with me without it getting squashed in my day sack or taking up to much room. I made this one which will just clip on to my day sack with a key clip.

First Aid Kit to clip on a rucksack

#3   Changing Travel Cash to Euros

I followed the advice on and got my euros from here. Best Exchange Rates

#4   Asking Friends

I managed to get a two man tent, ground sheet and sleeping bag simply by asking friends and family.  Freecycle is another great way to get things free or try free or cheap sites on facebook.

#5 Healthy Eating

I am trying to lose some weight by eating healthy frugal fabulous food so I don`t get bored. Aldi is my friend, with 7 breakfasts sorted for £2.15
Bag of pears      80p
Natural yogurt   55p
7 bananas           80p


am making soups for 7 lunches

Aldi Carrots, sweet potatoes red onions and red peppers.



I am making

Baked potatoes and tuna,  omelette's  and I will be buying a chicken, some salad and some rice cakes.


Add some milk and teabags total cost for the  week less than £20.

I am happy with that. I am sure some people could do much better but for me that price is fine.


Monday, 10 April 2017

We Had Five Fabulous Days in Budapest - £120 including flights

My sister Maggie and I booked five days in Pals Hostel in Budapest which was extremely good value and very central. 

We stayed in a two bedded apartment with kitchen, bathroom and all amenities. We had one of the rooms which was large and spacious. We paid £12.50 each per night. We are both in our 60`s so don`t worry about hostels being just for younger people they are not. The cheapest budget hotel would have cost us £30 each a night and would not have been so central. We were able to stay in Budapest for five days rather than just a couple of days by using Pals Hostel.

 Pals Hostel Budapest

Pals Hostel

Pals Hostel

We started our stay by buying a two day bus pass ( with one day free) so three days in all. This pass included a one hour boat trip and two walking tours and cost £15 each.

Fishing Port Budapest

Day one we spent getting used to the local area and visiting the beautiful nearby St Stephens Cathedral. We took the lift up to the circular balcony around the Cathedral dome and had an amazing view of the city for little more than a pound. The prices are so good in Budapest.

Bridge Linking both sides of Budapest

We asked advise on where to eat from the hostel reception and were given a whole list of local places with good recommendations. Eating the local dish of Goulash in the nearby market was a good choice.

Beautiful Parament building

We visited the Palace, the fishing areas and the beautiful park which was full of impressive statues and exquisite buildings.
The Hungarian people are lovely and very helpful.

We spent one day in the fabulous baths which are famous in Budapest, endless hot pools, large indoor and outdoor pools, steam rooms and saunas and fantastic buildings. £10 for the whole day including a massage. You must remember to take a swimming hat with you or you will not be able to swim in the pool.

One of the many beautiful baths

The walking tours are excellent we took one city tour which was a great way to find out the best pubs, cafes and markets.
Main Park

The second walking tour we took was the one around the Jewish quarter. It was very interesting and gave a good history of the city during the occupation in World War 11 .

Amazing Statues surrounding main column in park

It is a beautiful city and well worth seeing.  We paid £57 return each flying with Ryanair from Stansted Airport. We just took a small carry on case each, it held plenty for five days.


 Tripadvisor Reviews

Thursday, 30 March 2017


My Silver Traveller Review

Turkey the country of Turkish baths, clashing colours, white beaches, blue lagoons, boat rides and  hot mud pools where goddesses once bathed. Local shops with patterned carpets, sweet tea  in glass cups on silver trays, and charming people that enchant you to spend your money. Turkey, the exciting country where Europe slips into Asia and the bells of beautiful mosques call the faithful to prayer. Where Constantinople, the old name for Istanbul, leaves her legacy of walls and temples, domes and art to capture our imagination.

I am going to Turkey how lucky am I? The decision is made, the excitement is building  and I fly on 27th May. In just a few weeks I am boarding a plane in Gatwick heading to Dalaman Airport which will take four hours. Then it is just 53km to the hotel in Ovacik. Hotel Olu Deniz which looks tranquil and charming and I am looking forward to my week’s stay there.

As a solo female traveller I was searching for somewhere that offered not only sun to the winter weary but also an exciting place to explore.  Somewhere to wander with a camera, sit under a sunshade sipping cool drinks while chatting with the locals. Hills to climb and crumbling temples that make time slip, sunsets to marvel at, somewhere to hear of gods who whisper their stories through the ages. The famous turquoise lagoon in a protected area surrounded by pine trees sounds divine and is close to Ovacik.
I wanted a hotel that offered a private room without single supplements in a place that was small enough to notice if I managed to lose myself in the mountains.  A place with reasonable transfer times and a pool, a few shops and interesting places to eat nearby. A beach with clear water and boats that offer day trips to pretty lagoons. The chance to visit Rhodes in Greece for the day traveling by hydrofoil for less than an hour is tempting too.

This holiday can be booked through Solos Holidays.The price is reasonable and breakfast along with three evening meals is included.  Solos’ reputation for providing excellent holiday accommodation for single travellers is good. I am hoping this hotel, being new to the Solos Holidays list is great too.
Set at the base of the mountains three miles from the beach this looks a perfect place to stay. I shall let you know if Turkey is as fabulous as it looks.

Feedback - 9,000 views

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Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Wow I got over 2,000 page views today on my blog! 

Fort William Scotland

I have been working hard on my blog over the past few weeks and it seems to have finally improved my page views.  I have checked old posts, deleted some and tidied some up. I have also added links to more posts and read some of the tips from other bloggers.

Many of the traffic sources have come via pinterest were I already have a good following.   I think more people are using pinterest now so having some interesting boards will certainly help your blog.

I like taking photos and have many on my blog but as I have found out its all about writing interesting posts. 

Write about your holidays or day trips, my post below about Fort William has been very popular.

Fabulous Fort William - Scotland 

Writing a guest post on another site is an excellent way to improve your blog, you can post a link on your blog to your guest post.

My Post for Silver Travel Advisor got 9,000 views

My TripAdvisors Review - Almost 2,000 Views 

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My blog - finally!!! doing something right pages views are over 2,000:

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This post seems to have been a hit

Budget Places to stay in London and beyond 

This one too 
A Buddist Retreat

Five Fabulous Frugal Things

Five Fabulous Frugal Things  - week ending 31/3/2017

#1 Out enjoying the sunshine

Isabella aged 3 and sister Alice nearly 2
Saying Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!
Fun time!
#2  Working on my blog.

I have been working on my blog a lot this week, adding links, updating posts and generally tidying it up.  Amazing I got over two thousand page views yesterday! I am so pleased I usually get about 70.

 My blog - finally!!! doing something right pages views are over 2,000:

 #3   Charity Shop Binoculars

bought a pair of binoculars in a local charity shop for £3. I shall take with me when I am out walking. I love to see the kingfishers and Herons on canal walks but it will be even nicer to see them close up.  A lovely frugal hobby.

#4  Surveys

I tend to get locked out of many surveys as I don`t fit well into their demographics. MintVine
remains the exception for me. I usually manage to get £10 or £20 a month with their surveys.

#5  Clicksnap

have bought quite a few things using the Quidco clicksnap offers this week. Saving myself a very welcome £12. I love pinterest too so spent some happy hours pinning.

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