Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Hi my name is Chris and I have set up this blog mainly to learn about blogging.  I also wanted somewhere to put photos and a summary of some of the places I go and ordinary things I do.  I love photography and comping as well as writing so it seemed a sensible way to learn to combine them all together.

I am now considered a Silver Surfer as I have turned 50,  it also seems the age that advertisers think we should all be using Tena pads, have false teeth and use stairlifts! Have these people never heard of the formidable women in their 60`s and older like the amazing Joanna Lumbly or the forminable Janet Street-Porter to name but a few. It is insulting to be considered in `age` terms from companies and it is also `ageist` which in fact illegal. Rant over now but I would say that I would never give my money to any company who made me feel inferior simply because I am over 50. Take note companies many people feel the same way.

I have spent part of today at the workplace christmas meal and as its only a small company I work for this was very nice.  None of the big dramas you get from large firms. 

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