Friday, 23 December 2011

Intimidating food

Like I said in my post about my meatball/tagliatelle dish I find it quite difficult to dress up food.  Not the actual act, of course, that is easy but the whole idea of the need to dress up food.  What is wrong with a good pan of scouse or a sheperds pie without herbs decorating the top or cake without a swirl of cream. I do understand that taking photographs of food requires a like colour but this can be created by a napkin or a tablecloth. I think it just puts people of trying to make their own dishes as the expected standard seems so high and the whole language of food is changing.  Even on a site like Moneysavingexpert if you read some of the menu plans it is like reading a resturant menu. Maybe the celeb chefs and food programmes in general are the main reason our food language has changed. It would seem though with money being so tight and food banks growing in number we need to be saying egg and chips are fine.

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