Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chilli Meatballs

I am still experimenting with the Copella Winter Warmer drink and trying to incorporate it in my limited menus.  Tonight I decided to add to the sauce I was making to go with meatballs and tagliatelle I added two large spoonfulls to the pan after the meatballs had cooked then added tinned tomatoes and some chilli flakes. Really turned out nice the drink mixes well with chilli and adds a bit of depth.
I am also practicing food photography so following the rules I have used a white plate. Hope to get better at this, in fact hope to get much better, I know I should use a bit of green or a twirl of sauce for effect.  Trouble is it goes a little against my nature to `tart` food up. I must be strict with myself it is only a decoration not a statement of being a bit snobby.

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