Friday, 30 December 2011


Venice my favourite city it is so completely different from anywhere else I love it. I live like a student when I am away and find the nearest Mcdonalds, I don`t eat the food but theTea, hot chocolate and ice creams as well as cold drinks are as good as most places.  It is much cheaper to rent an apartment central to where you want to be, for example, St Marks Square, although this is a noisy option if you are only going for a few days it is fine.  You are then not wasting time travelling backwards and forwards to see the main attractions and you can nip back to your apartment and make a quick lunch or dinner. Try and go on one of the Ghost Walks and as you walk the narrow alleyways you are sure to believe you hear the cries of the plague victims. Watch the massive yachts parallel parked alongside working barges and water taxis, in September the film festival comes to Venice and the glamour Hollywood competes for attention with the art galleries and churches. Catch the waterbus to Lido island and laze on the perfect beach where old elegant hotels line the seafront and cling jealously to their private beach spaces. The public beach is far more fun.  

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