Thursday, 16 February 2012

London NHS

Just a bit of banner about the NHS this is meant as light hearted.

I am 15 and I drank a bottle of cider so should I be treated as it was my own fault?  I am 40 and 2 stone over weight should I be treated as its my own fault?
I am 29 and I rock climb but fell and broke my leg should I be treated its my own fault? I am 19 smoked a bit and my head went funny. should I be treated?
I am 73 and a bit confused but like the old brandy should I be treated?
I am a runner and ran into a wall should I be treated?
I`m 20 and get very drunk every weekend but usually get home ok but this week I didn`t should I be treated? I like to go over the speed limit  whenever I get the chance should I be treated when I crash my car?
I`m a chef and burnt my arm it was my fault I wasn`t paying attention, should I be treated?

See the point? how dangerous is it to start saying people are not worthy of treatment for whatever reason, just where does that thinking stop. The NHS is not free it is only free at point of contact we all pay for the NHS and I would rather pay more then see it eroded.  It is a system, it will never be perfect but lets not try and exclude people.
Pictures of drunken young people flood the tabloids, then the questions start should the hospitals have to deal with them, should the police. YES! they should because at that point they are vunerable young people, have the talks another time, but don`t forget to include everyone else.

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