Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Inspired by French Hats in Cannes

This photo taken by me of my sister in Cannes market last year trying on the colourful display of hats. Since then I have been  interested in the history of hats and what it says about the times we live in. As its fashion week next week I thought I would re-awaken this hobby.

The 12th Century book in the second photo was taken by me in St Albans Cathedral recently and while its not about hats, though it is beautiful, I noticed the following.

The wings on the holy figures in the pictures point almost straight up unlike the way wings are  portrayed in later works.  The wings reminded me of the conical hats worn by women throughout the world from 13th century and before. In the book above the devil is seen as black but still with pointed wings, could the black witches hat have developed from a black conical the dunces hat.  Where women of status wearing a conical because their status was seen as closer to God. The hierarchy displayed in stone on many Cathedrals does put kings up there with the popes and angels. 

Maybe women of status were indeed seen as closer to God even if they were considered less significant then the males of the time.
It is a bit like the chicken and the egg question, which came first, fashion following religion or religion following fashion.

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