Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Magic of Fashion and Food

Fashion week is starting and who can not be excited by the thought of Kristian Aadneuks new collection. His Chimera clothes in 2011 influenced by Black Metal Music were sensational, teamed with long straight hair and ankle boots he stole our hearts.
The frenzied colour and movement of behind the scenes is addicitive, instantly you want to be involved even just to make the tea. The TiGi Urban creative team will be dressing the models hair and as this is such an important part of the whole look I can`t wait to see the creations. Hair like clothes has its own fashion history and speaks of rebellion, fun and independence without uttering a word.
Who can not be tempted to watch the front row for the  fashion famous the dark sunglass wearing elite who enter at the last minute. That is part of the fun of fashion week when your camera slips from the leather shimmering goddess on the catwalk to snap the cele sitting with her friends.
The live stage show has all the glamour and anticipation of  a dozen weddings as you wait to see the brides dresses. With Kristian you get a mix between a rave, festival and show stopping dynamic colour blocks.
Fashion is about the drama for me and I think in another life I would have worked in the theatre. I am definetly an observer though rather than a centre stage person put me behind a pen and paper, or a camera and I`m happy.
On March 6th I will be standing outside Westminister with many other people as we hand in a petition against the cuts in community care. I work with young people leaving care, I am also a volunteer at a food bank and homeless hostel. While fashion is vibrant and trend setting, fun and colourful it is superficial when compared to someone sleeping on the streets in sub zero conditions. This photo was taken on 8th February 2012  and shows the frozen lake at St Albans Park, the bench to the right had been a place to sleep for a young man.
Food is like fashion, we dress our food in colourful displays, we add and take things away, we make receipies and take photos. We know that just to live we would need a lot less artistic ways of cooking a cabbage or a steak but its nice. It fun and its interesting. Like fashion really.

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