Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How Far Will £50 Go In London

Shrek the Musical

I have found the above deal and have booked it for 6 pm on Friday 3rd August. It is a Balcony Seat and and a meal in Planet Hollywood. Total cost including posting out of tickets £22.12p per person. This is one of the 2012 deals on this year due to the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee. There are quite a few good deals about so do check before you travel. 
Check sites like lastminute.com, or the above site.

What is really surprising is this is in August during the school holiday and a Friday evening.  These seats are not going to be wonderful but I have found after years of going to the theatre that the above site never gives really bad seats.  There is a great atmosphere in the balcony with all the people who go to the theatre regularly sitting there. If you want to see the show but don`t want to pay nearly £100 for a seat go the theatre using a deal like the above.

I have been to see shows usually on a Monday or Tuesday evening, paid for balcony tickets and then been placed in the Royal Circle of the stalls as they have closed the balcony seating. This is because the theatre is not full and it happens more than you would think.

That leaves me almost £28 with the evening meal and entertainment sorted out.  I have decided to go for the Thames clipper ticket which allows travel on the river all day.  Map of stops below. The cost is £13.50 and you can hop on and off as much as you like.  If you are travelling with a friend you can get a 241 deal making the overall cost each even cheaper.

With £14.38p still in my budget I would buy a lunch meal deal from one of the supermarkets  for £3.50. These include a sandwich, drink and crisps or other snack.  I would eat this sitting by one of the many sights by the river. Leaving me £10.88p . I like the Tower Bridge and Tower of London so will definetly get of at that stop for a while. My next place for a wander would St Pauls Cathedral but you can just choose what stops you like.
I could afford a nice coffee by the Tower of London looking towards Tower Bridge which costs approx £3 depending where you go. I would go in Cafe Nero because they don`t rush you and there are daily newspapers to read.

Leaving £7.88

I would spent £5 of this with the Meal in Planet Hollywood as drinks aren`t included in the offer.

Then being the frugal tourist that I am I would head to a pound shop and get some sweets and a bottle of water to take into the theatre. You can get 2 two chocolate bars and two cans of soft drinks for one pound. I would still have just under £2 left. Not bad for a day in London.

 building seen from the river


Anonymous said...

This is not M15 building but actually One Embankment Place near Charing Cross Station...currently PricewaterhouseCoopers offices

chrisreid said...

Thank you have changed it now .