Monday, 2 April 2012

London buskers - and my need for blog school

Having worn the patience of my son to breaking point I think I need a blog school. No I do need a blog school.

I haven`t got a clue what I am doing and although I can now download a picture and I think my site looks quite snazzy it is a bit hit and miss. I want to know how to do an all sing and dancing blog. At the moment I have spent the weekend trying to get my comments to show up in the actual comments box on the blog. No luck they are still happy to live in my emails.

Blog schools are not easy to find, there are mummy workshop type blog days but I am sure they are all much younger than me.  No I want a blog school for people who were around before mobile phones, when computers needed card readers, and the TV had only 3 channels.

An almost silver surfer blog school that would be good, set in a conference hotel so we could feel moderrn and important. I`d really like Eurostar to Paris but I`m realistic.  Or maybe a clipper boat on the Thames so we could take photos for our blogs while learning. I`ve missed my calling I should have been a promotor for the over 55s.    ¨) Picasso picture uploaded from pinterest./timblu.

What about a picnic in the park blog school, Hyde park would be fine or the beautiful kensington gardens. Later we could wander off and see the buskers playing their music.

A Passion for Music
 Photo taken on Southbank this busker is engrossed in his music even though the crowds attention is elsewhere.

Outside the National Art Gallery Modern Art begins

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