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Southwark Cathedral - Arches and Angels

Southwark Cathedral

This beautiful Cathedral is worth a visit and is only a few minutes away from Tower Bridge. The nearest tube stop is Tower Bridge Tube Station.
Southwark Cathedral
Montaue Close
020 73 67 6734

Since 1905 The Cathedral has been called Southwark previously it was called St Saviours Church. There have been many extensions since the church was bought from James 1 in 1611.

The beauty of the Cathedral is in the magnificent arches that guide you past pillars where Angels peep, windows that reflect light on your footsteps and candles the shimmer in the corners. A huge organ hugs one wall and the main altar sits under magnificent stained glass.

Tombs of long ago bishops and nobles guard the walkways and demand silent respect as you click your camera. It is staggering to see the stone carved statues and the spires reaching for the sky. I am always mesmerised by the skill involved in making such buildings. You can join a guided tour around the Cathedral and hear its history for £4. You do need to phone first though as there are only seven tours per day.

Southwark Arches and Alleyways

Extensive restoration designed by Richard Griffiths took place from 1905 as Tower Bridge was being built so Southwark was becoming the marvel it is today.
Arches leading Main Altar

After seeing the Cathedral why not join one of the local walks organised by the Cathedral. Hear how this side of the Thames was known as `Thames Side for the Undesirables` as thieves and beggars huddled for shelter in doorways.
Ladies of the Night lay in wait for nobles to collect them in their carriages or sailors spent their wages.
Walk past the ruins of the Bishop of Winchesters Palace and see the reconstruction of the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
Hear how the Thames froze and parties where held on the thick ice. This was long before global warming could be blamed for strange weather. Stop and have a pint at one of the many pubs or tea in a tiny cafe.
This walk cost £5 - £4 if you attended the Cathedral Walk.
It is so close to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London that if you are at either of them do go and see Southwark.


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I love churches!! I wrote my graduate thesis on national identity and Saint Paul's Cathedral. I spent a bunch of time in London visiting churches :) Love the photos!