Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Travelodge, Wicked and Where to Eat.

The Traveloge Covent Garden by booking early you can get an excellent price for a hotel in London near the theatres and many attractions. We stayed for one night and were put on the fifth floor which was very hot.  If you left the window open it was quite noisy but for one night it was fine. The room was clean and had a decent shower and good sized bathroom. Buffet breakfast can be purchased for £7.00 and I would recommend this as there is a good selection of cooked food and cold buffet. Booking into the hotel is £10 extra if you book in before 3 pm. I had booked five months in advance to pay £35 for a double room. Good basic hotel but I would not pay full price to stay here as the point of a travelodge for me is getting a great bargin place to stay. Book early and enjoy a late show then wander through china Town and enjoy London.

Where to Eat

Bella Italia is a chain of Italian resturants and like most chains some appear to be better than others. I have been to a few now including the most recent visit to the Bella Italia at Seven Dials London. I went with my daughter and I do like most of the main courses which range from pasta dishes to chicken and fish. The garlic bread is not nice so I wouldn`t recommend buying this. The staff are friendly and the manager was pleasant and attentive. The tables are arranged to make maximum use of the dining area so it does seem a little squashed. There was no hot water the saturday I was there and though the staff did say this when we placed our order I was a little surprised. No lingering over coffee then. Good if you don`t want a pizza and want to feel like you are in a resturant. Family friendly but I wouldn`t take very young children as it is gets crowded. I did look a little enviously at Jamies Italian resurant across the road but its a good easy going place to eat. Choose from the set offer menus to keep prices down or the bill can turn out expensive.

Fish and Chip Shop Leicester Square London
You could just get some great Fish and Chips. Go to China Town  to eat.  Try one of the many resturants that do set menus for pre or post theatre. I would give Plant Hollywood a miss I find it threadbare and worn so I wouldn`t expect much from the food.

Picadilly  Circus London

Wicked The Musical

Colourful, clever and does have the Wow! factor. The story line, however, is quite complicated and it is difficult to explain to young people.  The musical is carried more for its visual display rather then its actual content.  I love the London Musicals but they are expensive and if you are taking young children you don`t want them to be bored. I feel Wicked goes on too long and does get itself lost in its plot. Many children in the theatre did seem to really enjoy the show though.   With such variety of shows in London and competition like Shrek, Lion King and Matilda it may not be the best first choice.


Frugal in WV said...

I lived in london when I studied abroad and went back a number of times before having kids. Love your blog, the pictures are great!

chrisreid said...

Thank You glad you like it. I am very new to blogging so its great to get comments.