Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Anyone for Tennis? - Wimbledon Starts In June

How To Go To Wimbledon and Get In

Go on the last Saturday
Women's Finals  Day 

If you have never been to Wimbledon go even if you only have a ticket to get into the grounds.

My friend and I went on the final Saturday for women's finals day we only had tickets for court number one not Centre Court where the match would be played. We paid £32 each for the tickets and got them by joining The All Tennis Club online. You can also simply go to the ticket office and get a grounds only ticket. They had plenty for sale at 11 am last year. You are not going to get the same tennis as in the first week as the finalist are now known but its still great to go there and be part of a finals day.

Centre Court Wimbledon
The grounds are smaller than you expect after only seeing the place on TV but it is amazing. The atmosphere is fantastic on Henmans Hill (or Murray's Mount) depending on your preference, it is crowded and fun. We wandered around all the courts before play and you are allowed to go to Centre Court and take photos before the match starts. Gaze approvingly at the new roof that seems bigger than the court itself  and see how close you are to the players. We were lucky and had fabulous weather, we didn`t leave untill 7.30pm saw some great tennis and had a lovely time. Do take your own strawberries you need a bank loan to buy them there.

The doubles matches being played on number one court were exciting as was the junior matches. We watched  Radel practising for his final the next day and seen him encouraging the younger players before their match.  If you find yourself not too engrossed watching the women's final on the large screen on Henmans Hill wander to the practise courts at the back of Centre Court. This is were the crafty men's finalist practise for their own match the following day. Hoping to go unnoticed as everyone roars for their favourite female  player.

Radel on Practise Court

After the Woman's Finals we stood near the players bridge which leads from the Centre Court to the VIP reception area  We saw Martina  who waved cheerfully to us, Pat Cash and many other tennis greats.
The grounds themselves are impressive and it does feel an honour to wander about.

Wimbeldon is a magnet for tennis lovers so go and have fun take a straw hat or a brolly. There are buses waiting at the nearest tube stations so for a few pounds you can be at the entrance. The walk from the tube station is not far but we got the bus going and walked when we were returning to the tube.

Radel Practising at Wimbledon

Centre Court

Take a picnic food is expensive and don`t forget your camera.


Get into wimbledon The Easy Way and Go into the Grounds on the Final Saturday .

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