Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chester - Tudor and Roman meet 2012


I spent the last full day of my holiday in the ancient Roman town of Chester. It is a living history lesson to walk through Chester's main streets. Tudor buildings sport modern signs and the old and new merge together. The stunning clock in the picture above sits on a bridge with its four faces keeping watch over the town.

Chester High Street

Wander along the side streets and you will find more Tudor buildings selling fast food and leaning on their stilt like legs. They seem to whisper of Roman Soldiers marching over the cobblestones on their endless journey to conquer the world. A few minutes away crowds at Chester Racecourse shout for the winner of today's Gold Cup Race. Chester has been drawing crowds through the ages, to see its Roman Walls, Tudor houses, Zoo, Racecourse and Cathedral. It has good shops and tiny resturants with big names.

Follow the signs and steps away from the bustle of the streets Chester Cathedral can be found looming up to the skyline. It is magnificent do go and see it if you are in Chester.

Stained Glass Cathedral Window

This is just one of the many beautiful stained glass windows in the Cathedral. There are so many surprisingly lovely things to see. From arches to marble tombs, a hidden garden and a one thousand pipe organ. It costs £6 to enter the Cathedral but it is money well spent. Light a candle in the tiny St. Stephens Chapel or see the mermaid fountain in the garden.  Listen to the commentary on head phones and sit on the benches where nobles nodded their heads in prayer. Then have a coffee in the Cathedral Cafe and wonder at the number of saints along the walls their halos faded but their names still clear,

Chester Cathedral

Inside Chester Cathedral

Cathedral Doorway

I have left the North now and will be back writing about London from Monday. I am going to St Pauls Cathedral to see the Dalia Lama presented with a peace prize. I look forward to writing about that.

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