Friday, 4 May 2012

HMS Ocean Arrives at Greenwich

Captain Morgans Rum

HMS Ocean arrived in the Thames today and there won`t be a problem finding her.  She is docked at Greenwich and is huge. It is all part of the Olympic Military show to ensure that the Olympics are not disrupted by any threat. 

Although it is understandable that the government want everyone to feel safe I personally think its all a bit much. This weekend is a Bank Holiday so it is an ideal time for practicing Olympic security which is why HMS Ocean is here. Such a shame any country has to worry about such things.  I am not sure such shows of strength won`t put people off actually coming to London. We will have so much security lets hope it doesn`t feel oppressive.
Olympic Park Photo on Google

You can now walk around the outside of the Olympic Park. It looks quite amazing and is huge. It costs £9 for an adult  to go into the Olympic Park but it is worth it to get a close look and a guided tour. The London Tubes are going to be very busy which is a complete understatement. Anyone who travels on them  during rush hour will wonder how they are going to cope.  I am sure they will though and everyone will have a wonderful time.

London Tube station Sign


Mo said...

Haven't been out to the Olympic Park for ages. I must take a visit now it is more than a building site

chrisreid said...

Hi thanks for the commenting and yes Olympic Park does look much better now.