Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Olympic Orbit Tower, Cable Cars and Banksy

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 What do you think of this, the new Orbit Tower at the Olympic Park London. It looks like a child's attempt at creating something from bendy wire to me.

The above photo was in a national paper and I am sure the tower will give the media a good view of the games. It will cost £15 to go up to the viewing platform but I bet it is fully booked for the main events for media covering the games.

I would rather keep my £15 thank you I can easily imagine it becoming a white elephant (red) after the games are over.  

London 2012 Olympics cable cars that will transport people to the Games in style        Cable cars linking 02 Arena to the ExCel exhibition centre in East London.  

The new cable cars linking the 02 Centre to Excel Centre in London are now unlikely to be ready in time for the Olympics. It was announced today that the safety checks required are likely to delay the opening. These cable cars do look like they would be good for London as long as the price is reasonable. If they were to breakdown though you would have to be lowered by ropes to a rescue platform.

How scary is that! this ride is only for the brave I think but then I don`t like fairground rides. You would get a great view of London from them but if there is any wind I should think you would be counting the minutes to get off.  Would like to go on this just once for the photos I could get but I think I would change my mind at the last moment.

Photos from flickr.com.

It has been suggested that the street art, drawn on Wood Green High Road in North London, is intended to highlight the disparity between the wealth and opulence of the West and the poverty - and the age - of those who are used to make the goods we buy. (Summary from news on orange webpage).
I think it is excellent and due to the recent thoughtless destruction of his work in Australia what better place for Banksy to make a point. 

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