Monday, 7 May 2012

Street Art and Music

Floor Painter
Dedicated Busker near London Eye

Pianist Busker on South Bank London

On a day when the weather is being nice to us all what could be better than walking along the South Bank and watching the buskers.
The variety of music and the skill of the players is enchanting. The Pianist above played music from the old dance halls and feet tapped to the beat. She looked like she had walked straight out of a different era to remind us of a time when front rooms contained pianos not play stations.

The skill of the floor painter and the patience she needed to complete her complex picture in chalk was humbling. She had no control over the amount, if any, of coins people would pay her for her work. The rain could come and steal her hours of love and wash it into the Thames.

While you are on the South Bank try the Skylon Restaurant it has set menus or you can choose a carvery and the upstairs seating looks out over the Thames. It is particularly lovely in the evening when the riverside buildings are lit and boats twinkle up the Thames.

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