Friday, 18 May 2012

Theatre and Torches

Willie Clark (Danny DeVito)
and Al Lewis (Richard Griffiths)

starring in

The Sunshine Boys

Savoy Theatre London

This looks like a really good play when two elderly men who haven`t spoken for years are asked to do one last comedy show.

What is equally impressive is I`ve just booked tickets for Wednesday 20th June at 2.30 pm for £12 per ticket.(  hover over link for site details.  I love finding a bargin for the theatre as I just adore the whole buzz of a West End show.  I am sure in another life I would have worked in the theatre, not on stage I am far to shy and would never be as good as these amazing actors.

I like the thought of being involved with the costumes and sets but in reality would no doubt have been making the tea or selling the ice cream.

from above site

from sky news

Olympic flame arrives in England
from sky news

The Olympic Torch arrives in the UK

Now this Olympics is beginning to feel a little like hearing from a Bridzilla who only wants to talk about her wedding.  Its good the torch is here safely and lit but really thats enough now.  Lets wait till the games start before we are showered in anymore games news.

There are only 3 topics of conversation in London at the moment 

1. Queens Jubilee
2. Olympics
3. Weather

Thats it readers nothing else going on in the world.  Or so it would seem. The arm candy David Beckham did look very proud and will star in all the papers tomorrow.  The frumpy horsewoman Princess Ann and other   Olympic VIPs will fade into the background with David around.

I took this photo recently in Hyde Park  when we had sunshine!

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