Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Tourist in Wales for a Weekend

Beaumaris Castle

 I have been in North Wales and its such and interesting beautiful place. I hope you find it pleasant to leave the city and visit the sites with me. 

Beaumaris Castle in Anglesey was built in 1295 by King Edward 1. It is one of the best preserved Castle in North Wales.
This is the only Castle to have its original moat and is now a World Heritage Site. It overlooks the wild Menai Straits near Bangor North Wales.

You can take a boat trip from the waterside to nearby Puffin Island but the weather has to be calm. Today the wind and rain lashed the water and ensured only the bravest fishermen went out to sea. Tourists like me were left vowing to come back another day to visit the Puffins and walk through the history of Beaumaris once again. The town itself is pretty, tiny tearooms sit next to practical shoe shops, and bakeries sell pretty cakes and pies. 
It is one of the few places that find me looking at the house prices and staking out where I would love to live. It is out of my price range but then William and Kate have made Angelesey very popular. It is certainly a very lovely part of the country.

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris castle.

A Transport Fair was held near Llandudno North Wales


A huge transport fair covered acres of land during the recent bank Holiday Weekend. The collections of old cars was a walk down memory lane when the Cortina, Mini Van or Capri sat gleaming in a row. These are the cars you coveted as your moped stalled at the traffic lights.


How about a V.Wagon Beetle you know you have always wanted one. This is a real classic.

No trip to North Wales is complete for me unless I go to Conwy. I like to wander near the harbour then buy fish and chips and sit near the smallest house in Britian which is on the quayside.

The seagulls swoop hopefully down and the castle walls spread around the town. The harbour is crowded with small boats and time seems to merge easily between the past and the present. I can picture the knights in their armour and the hawks as they eye their unsuspecting prey and the horses when they rode at speed with their messengers aboard. North Wales is enchanting and its castles are where fairy tales are born.

Conwy Castle Bridge

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