Thursday, 31 May 2012

Yes You Can Can

Welsh Wedding Can Can

Now you may well wonder what a group of guys doing the Can Can has to do with London so I`ll tell you.  The photo is of my sons and their friends doing the Can Can.  I enter competitions and recently the Meto London paper ran a competition to win a cookery day with the famous chef Raymond Blanc. The task was  to send in a photo doing the Can Can to win .  Well all the boys won with the above photo so well done boys!  I promise to cook you something good soon as you are taking me as a guest. Making me a winner too. 

Sunday I am going to the Thames River Pageant and hope to get some amazing photos. I am sure it will be wonderful but to be honest the whole Jubilee thing is now starting to feel like a Bridzilla on Steriods!

I  am also going to have a little rant about those horrible words `The Peoples`!!!

We hear `The Peoples` Pageant `The Peoples` Royal Family` `The Peoples` Olympics`.

We have one of the riches languages in the world and since Princess Diana  and the witty press officer of Tony Blairs dupped her `The peoples` Princess` it is used all the time. 

A fitting tribute for Diana but honestly its time to be a little more creative.

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