Sunday, 17 June 2012

House sitting in Wales

I have just spent a week in Wales looking after 6 ducks, 6 chickens, Alex the donkey, Toggsie the goat, Sarron the German Shepard dog and Robbie the great dane. 

I have slipped around in the mud in the rain lashed field. Chased the birds from the allotment and watched the goat follow after a pheasant up onto the roof of the stable.

the water babies

One of the chickens was an egg lifter, she would steal all the other eggs and try to hatch them. 
Seven I found under her, nobody has ever told this chicken you need a rooster to have chicks! In a fit of annoyance at me she scarpered into the duck house and would not come out.


Sarron is totally adorable but greets each morning with a hyper run around the drive preferably with my shoe in his mouth.
 Then refuses to leave my side for the day. Robbie the dane likes to chase rabbits only problem is I am at the other end of the lead.

 Try and get him into his kennel and he does the dying fly act on the patio, now a three year old child having a tantrum I can handle. You can`t just pick up a dane though so its coax with the biscuit, oh please the patience you need. No don`t want that biscuit! try another, then quickly lock the kennel door before said biscuit is woofed.

Alex and Toggie

Look cute these two don`t they well they are both bigger than they look in the picture and toggie the goat eats anything.  That includes your clothes so don`t take off your fleece and leave it on the wheelbarrow as you clean out the stable. This goat is the biggest, swiftest hoover I have ever seen.

  Alex won`t let you out of the chicken run unless you give him the bucket that has had the chicken food in. He will stand sideways against the door so you can`t get past him. 

They are wonderful characters and I have great fun and a free gym when I go Wales to look after my son and daughter-in-laws place. It makes me appreciate eggs in boxes in the supermarket.


Castles and Walks in Wales

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