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Liverpool - Memory Lane

Memory Lane 

 Liverpool I grew up in Liverpool 8 where most of the men worked on the docks. We lived in tenement blocks and my sole ambition was to live in `posh` Southport 15 miles up the coast. I did indeed live in Southport for many years and my children grew up there. I think the beat of the city can only be appreciated once you are an adult. Liverpool is my home city so holds a special place in my heart. I haven`t lived there since I was 17 and have no wish to do so but to visit is exciting.

by A. Reid

Sailing ship gets decks varnished.

The docks are no longer the workplace of thousands and places like the Albert Dock draw in the tourist crowds. A man varnishing the decks of an old sail boat oblivious to the Beatle hunters reminds me more of being a child in Liverpool. I can remember the overhead train that took the men from one part of the dock to another.  The dockland pubs and the parlours kept as best in already tiny terrace houses. It was a hard life for the men and no easier for their wives at home with endless children hoping for a decent cut of the wage packet. The green and orange split of religion came to a head on `King Billy's Day` when we supposedly sweet catholics fuelled the divisions with rotten fruit thrown with accurate aim.

Tate and Lyle sugar factory

The Sugar factory above employed hundreds of women and two of my sisters worked there for a while. This factory was also near the docks as were many others.

The closed Steel and Ironworks

Today Gucci and designers shops fill Liverpool One, fashion has always had a place in Liverpool but it was Great Homer Street market with its second/third hand shoes, coats and school uniforms that clothed us in the 60`s.

Two Suns through the railings - A Reid

This photo taken near the docks makes me think of the two great football teams of Liverpool. Liverpool and Everton you are either a Blue or a Red but never would you support a southern team.  This is something I find really strange now I live down South. they do actually support teams like Liverpool or Manchester. An strange concept to a scouser. Liverpool is gritty, strong and fearsome. Love it or hate it everyone has heard of it. 

A Fabulous Weekend in Liverpool 

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