Wednesday, 20 June 2012

St Pauls Cathedral - to pricey to visit.

I went to St Paul's Cathedral today hoping to do the touristy bit and wander about maybe even take a few snaps and gaze at the statues.

Up the steps I went which always make me think of the film Mary Poppins because of the song `feed the birds twopence a bag`. The old lady sits on the steps of St Paul's as she sings and feeds the pigeons.  Well twopence might feed the birds but it certainly won`t get you into St Paul's  they charge £15.00! to walk in the door. I really could not believe it £15.00 per adult now that is a lot of money to walk into a church. You are not allowed to take photo`s either why not I can`t imagine. Just say no photos in the dome surely that is enough.

I have paid a reasonable £5.00 to go into Chester Cathedral but at least I could take a photo. St Albans beautiful Cathedral is free and again photos are allowed.
The stone walls and arches are hardly going to be damaged by cameras and any fragile painting are usually now in the art gallery. The damage of counters set up to take money, ropes to guide the queue, staff to ensure you are not sneaking through the no entry sign, railings carrying signs of no photos allowed, and locked doors are obviously acceptable.

I shall go back one Sunday evening for the church service and hope I am not charged then to knee in prayer.

I decided to protest with my feet and refused to pay the entrance fee and sat in the sun in the small Cathedral garden with the local office workers having their lunch. 

The general idea of Boris Johnson and Co that as long as prices are under £20 that is acceptable shows a total disregard for people on minimum wages. Including paying tax you would need to work 4 plus hours just to walk into St Pauls.

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