Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic Opening Celebrations - What did you think

Well what did you think of it all?

I thought the first part was amazing although I have no idea why french was being spoken before English most of the time.

The Industrial Revolution was stunningly impressive and I am sure Danny will have earned himself a Knighthood for that.

Who could not be impressed with Beckham looking every inch the next James Bond as he escorted the torch in the speed boat down the Thames. My money would be on him actually being the next James Bond.

The lighting and effects were superb, the Queen and Prince Phillip looked like they were bored and couldn't raise much of a smile.

The parade of athletes` was excruciatingly long although they all seemed to be having a great time. The awful gold collars on Team GB suits looked like a naff attempt at fancy dress.

The spectacular lighting of the Olympic Torch was definetly the highlight of the show. The fireworks looked fun as the danced through the night sky and the surreal winged bike riders were memorable.

The disappointing arrival of Macca to finish the event was predictable but is this man ever going to retire. Thanks for the Beatles Macca but go away is it not enough that Stella designed the Olympic Outfits.

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