Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Torch Arrives - London is buzzing

London is buzzing with excitement the Olympic Torch has arrived in the city this morning. It is now only hours away from the opening ceremony. Hyde Park is partying and William Kate and Harry are holding the Torch.  Like the torch the whole country is alight with expectation about  the coming games. Anyone lucky enough to be walking near Horse Guards Parade today would have seen the practice for the Volleyball events.

I have tickets to the Volleyball and the Basketball so I am looking forward to an exciting weekend. 

Walking around near the Olympic village yesterday in the sunshine was amazing, athletes wandered with the crowds and the tall ships were causing excitement with their expected arrival.

Visitors seemed impressed by how well organised it all is and all the staff and volunteers were happy to help or take a photo for you.The sunshine helped create a fun atmosphere and there was a definite buzz in the air.

We spent the evening watching the wonderful `Rock of Ages Musical` in the Shaftesbury Theatre. The actors are so funny and the energy of this show is dynamic the music outstanding . We had paid £22 each for our tickets to be seated in the balcony. Luckily for us the theatre wasn`t full and we were moved down to the stalls bonus!

London being the eccentric city that it is and if you fancy a change from all the fuss Harrods have opened their Christmas World Department today.  Now thats good marketing for you Harrods hoping to impress with glitter and gold of the Christmas sort.

Harrods -via Twitter

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