Friday, 24 August 2012


The Famous Egyptian Staircase

Teddy play the music please - the teddy bsndstand

Katrina  in Harrods

When we went to Harrods ( which used to jokingly be called Fayed`s corner shop) recently to look around we sprayed perfume on our wrists in the lovely beauty department. Then gazed longingly at the bags set out like coloured precious jewels in glass cases.   Next stop was the music department where   pianos can cost as much as a house and music systems are for the seriously rich. We have a tiny £5 limit to spend when we are in Harrods and Katrina my daughter and I can spend hours in there. Our  money usually goes on a coffee or hot chocolate so we can spend a little longer people watching.

The top floor restaurant is way beyond our budget but its great to have a little look at and the tables are usually set for afternoon tea.  Grand old ladies with hats and gloves laid perfectly on the empty chairs beside them chat and sip earl grey. The music is soft and the decor suits the crisp white linen tablecloths. Another era on the floor above the toy store that's Harrods for you. 


If I ever get to be a granny I could max out a couple of credit cards in the nursery department quite easily. I want a rocking horse, the lovely white crib, the soft toys, the safari animals and the adorable clothes. Good job for my bank balance my eldest seems happy with ducks chickens and donkeys. 

In the food hall we watched a lady taking sneaky photos of the decorated cakes on her mobile phone. The bars that circle the food hall selling oysters and smoothies were full and Americans bought tins featuring red buses and postboxes by the armful. Shall we tell them you can get them in the pound shop? No that would spoil the joy of a Harrods shopping bag.  

Trafalgar Square

I am off to North Wales for the Bank Holiday weekend and will be back with my camera in London next week. Have a great weekend everyone especially if you are going to the Nottinghill Festival I shall be sorry to miss it this year.

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