Monday, 13 August 2012

London - back to fabulous

Now the athletes are heading home and it is a few weeks before the  Paralympics start I thought a walk through some of Londons everyday wonders would be good.  The games have been magnificent and I can`t wait to go to some of the Paralympic events I have tickets for but  for now Londons own interesting places is enough.

Westminister Abbey

Modern Sculpturs

Famous statures

Skylines and Towers

Rooftops of Parliment

London Bridge

I am getting a new camera on Wednesday and look forward to taking it out and about and seeing what I can capture. I am also going to a cookery masterclass by none other than Raymond Blanc on 29th so that should be interesting. I will make sure I get plenty of photos.


London Inventory Company said...

Wow the "Rooftops of Parliament" is a great photograph. I really like how you captured the sunlight. Great job!

chrisreid said...

Thank you it did take a while to get that one right!