Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Meet the Gran Kids, four legged and webbed feet kind.

Alex the Donkey

Alex blocks my way into the chicken house. You will give me something first even though I have a whole field of grass to eat! no arguing with that then.

 Sarron waits eagerly for his walk

Do hurry up with all this food an water malarky on the field. I want to go and chase the rabbits.


Want me to do a backflip? roll over? do the dying fly act? give us a biscuit then and I will.
Three of the six ducks

Right when she comes in here to open the gate you get the left foot, I`ll get the right and you can go straight for the backside.

I call this one Brenda

The boss hen of the six I call her Brenda after a boss I once had who got her feathers ruffled easily.

Toggsie the goat

Trouble this one should have been called he likes nothing better than to wreck the chicken and duck houses given a chance. He is a right character and very funny to watch.

There was a worm there I saw it

Alex in a bad mood

Time for a dip

I am in Wales looking after my son Mark and daughter-in-laws Dawns lovely home and animals while they are away for a few days. 

The sun is shining today and last night as I walked the dogs I saw a stunning sunset.


The views are lovely around here and it is easy to get used to the quiet of the countryside.

View from the lane just outside


Must go and walk the dogs now though so I can ignore the countryside and watch the Olympics.

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