Thursday, 30 August 2012

Raymond Blanc an Amazing Day

What a great time we had as winners of the Raymond Blanc Can Can competition. When we arrived at brasserie blanc we were offered a drink and asked if we would like to eat after the cookery demonstration. If we preferred we could come back later in the evening for our complementary three course meal as part of our prize.

Then Raymond arrived and came an spoke to each of us before meeting his chefs for a brief chat before the demo started.

A visit to the busy kitchen

Our gang

Outside on the terrace Raymond stirred up his magic creating wonders with mackerel and fennel.


Everything was explained in detail and we had printed recipes on the tables. We  also got to sample the different courses as they were cooked. One of the great things about the day was that anyone could watch this cookery demonstration completely free. Raymond had been tweeting about it during the morning and inviting people to come and watch.

Summer Berry Pavlova

The Summer Berry Pavlova that was whipped up in no time was very hard to pass on to other eager hands. It was truly delicious and the passion Raymond has for the food he makes is inspiring.

Chocolate Mousse `Maman Blanc`

What can I say expect this was wonderful chocolate mousse made from dark good quality chocolate, whipped egg whites and a little lemon juice and sugar. Raymond is such a gent and his staff are all as really nice.

Ann grabs a kiss on the cheek

One of the lovely things about the day was meeting other compers like @SuperluckyDi and @twydalldee. We also met a couple my daughter Katrina and I cooked with at The Waitrose Cookery School in January.

Another bonus for some of my star struck family members was seeing Russell Brand go into brasserie blanc during the demonstration on the terrace. He and his friend seemed to make a reservation and then come out again. I wasn`t quick enough with the camera to catch a photo of him.

Time for dinner

We then had our meal in the stunning resturant complete with candlelight and excellent service.  I chose Pea and herb soup, Salmon and summer veg and of course the chocolate mousse. A glass of wine and a wonderful memorable afternoon was enjoyed by everyone in our group of nine. My family treated me to Raymond new book Kitchen Secrets by Raymond Blanc which he signed for me.

Max sums up the day

Our winning photo

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