Monday, 6 August 2012

Stonehenge - A Magical Place

The Magical Stonehenge

A few months ago I booked two rooms in a travelodge two miles away from Stonehenge. The rooms cost £23.50 for a twin room and we planned to visit Salisbury one day then an overnight stay and visit to Stonehenge. We booked a Sunday night as it was the most economical option at a little under £12 per person. The Amesbury travelodge was quiet and comfortable and alongside sat a `Little Chef` and a Petrol station. Taking a cool bag with sandwiches etc, flask and plenty of teabags we were set for a cost effective trip. Travelling from Hertforshire took just under two hours to Salisbury.


The National Trust now has responsibility for this magnificent world heritage site. The huge ancient stones can be seen free from the fenced roadside but to get a closer look pay the entrance fee which includes parking for £7.80.  If you are a member of the National Trust entrance is free. As you walk around the site just feet away from the stones listen to the commentary on the headphones provided. You will hear how the stones were brought from South Wales over two hundred miles away.


A small low chain marks the pathway around the Stonehenge circle and allows everyone a close view of the staggering size of the stones.  How they were hauled such a long way and assembled with precision is one of the ancient wonders to ponder as you roam around.

The Moody Stonehenge

The weather was moody for us today and we were glad the rain held its rage long enough for us to take some photo`s. The park was busy with plenty of coaches and cars parked in the large parking area. A shop, cafe and ice-cream stall share space with the entrance area but don`t impose on the heritage site.


My son Anthony enjoyed our visit to Stonehenge and as a vastly superior photographer than me I hope to end up with a few of his excellent photo`s.

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