Friday, 14 September 2012

London Fashion Week - 80`s style

It is all about fashion in London this week so I thought I would show you some photos of 1980`s fashion. Just for fun.

The casual look

Wide flared jeans and patterned jumpers propably in early 80`s. Anyone thinking of wearing these jumpers as a `vintage` look they are awful to wash. LFW

I don`t think Nike would be rushing to sponsor this sporting group. Its McEnroe days and seriously 80`s

The Boys

Then we have the boys showing how to lounge around a bar in style. Suit jackets worn over ties with the then fashionable 80`s hairstyles.

Then its shoulder pads and big hair. Dallas on the telly for the first time.

White jeans and pink boots all the rage in Liverpool `85

The children show off the homemade pink dungerees and the combat jacket. 1986.

Childrens Party fashion

How dark the home decor was in 1985.

That`s the Reid fashion show over bet your glad its 2012. 

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