Friday, 19 October 2012

Britians Legal System - The law is still an Ass

I am an MP and a pretty important one at that and that bobby had the nerve to give me grief.

Well I said to him you are a pleb I mean how dare these lower class police question me. I am from the elite class so there!! No it was not a Boris bike it was my very own bike.

Am I arrested? No. Am I thrown in the stocks? No. Made to brush the street? No. Fined? No Lost my job? No. Should I have any of these punishment? No. Told to apology and a day standing guard on a gate doing that policeman's job  is what I would have ordered. Then a history lesson on what happened in the French Revolution due to a class system.

Update - The Chief whip has now resigned

I am young and showing off on fb to look big with my friends. I write some pretty awful things. Am I arrested? Yes. Do I go to prison Yes. Will it affect my job prospects Yes for the rest of my life. Is it expensive to keep me in prison? Yes.

Should I have gone to prison No. There are other punishments like brushing the streets, a fine, a caution, a warning, or no action at all.

I wore a horrible tee-shirt that was offensive and hurtful. Should I go to prison? No. The people in the area really wanted some action though? People may want action but they may also want a lynching but the law is above  emotion (really?) it should be. Again plenty of other options without resorting to a prison sentence.

I hit my girlfriend and was controlling and abusive to her. Did I go to jail? No. I got to brush the street but then hitting someone is not as important as words on fb or a tee-shirt is it! I mean its only some bird.  (link) to womens aid

Makes no sense does it? fb and tee-shirts words = prison

Abusing a woman = community service

`Why are women still not safe when there in their homes`

Song written and sung by Tracy Chapman

Article 3 Human rights Act

You have the absolute right not to be tortured or subjected to
treatment or punishment which is inhuman or degrading.

Old Bailey London (flickr)

Be fair dear be fair

I am a young marine and I filmed a bad decision on my mobile. I am in a war situation and someone is killed. A year later five of us are charged with murder. Is this right?  Yes unfortunately it is although we don`t wish them to be found guilty. Campaign `Free the 5` is gaining strength of fb. 

Magna Carta via flickr

Our laws were based on a belief in equality
but it needs people to administer the law equally

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