Thursday, 18 October 2012

Halloween have a `Crackle` - Pumpkins

take one pumpkin


Flesh Eating Pumpkin

Carving the pumpkin was the hardest part of this so I did get a little help. The skeleton came from £1 shop and you get two skeletons in the pack.  Spiders and white hair also in packet from £1 shop.  The skeletons insides are those sweet laces you can buy for about 50p.  The pumpkin was £1.50 and has a tea light inside.  Black material is from a witches cloak costume I already have and the pumpkin is resting on a vase for the photo.

Looking spooky

This is the same pumpkin photographed from a different angle and minus the skeleton.  I have moved the white hair around and placed the spiders to look like they are coming out of the pumpkins head.  I think this one looks quite spooky.

Angry Pumpkin

I wanted this one to look like he had just knocked everything off the table as he swung his cape around.  I should have painted his face to make him look like the Phantom of the Opera that would have looked much better. 

Witchy Pumpkin

One that won`t scare the kids to much but again I should have used some face paint to liven the face up a bit.

Just for fun

I got lots of ideas from pinterest including a similar idea for a very happy flasher. He is made from a butternut squash, a pomegranate, some well placed cherry tomatoes and a little sage. All very organic ha ha. This one will scare the kids but may give the grown ups a laugh.


Ha Ha

This photo is my entry into a twitter competition for scary pumpkins it might give them a ` crackle`.

Now if only I had worn a witches outfit but then with my hair and gob I probably don`t need it. `crackle` `crackle`

I intend to take a few different photos over the weekend outdoors so will add them to this post in a few days. Happy pumpkin carving. London is going slightly crazy this year with `zombies` walking around the city and lots of Halloween themed events about. 

Enjoy the fun

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