Monday, 8 October 2012

Pumpkins fight back

Halloween is on the way and being a comper  that means lots of competitions. I decided to start practising and get a few ready for photos.

Fired up by the amazing pumpkin art that you find on google I made up a pinterest board.  (link)

Then decided to start with these as they looked easy.

evil pumpkins from

Five small pumpkins later I have a pan of soup, a plaster on my finger and a broken dish that skidded off the table but no carved pumpkins. I wouldn`t dare try carving a large one with power tools as people suggest as I would no doubt loose a limb.

Think I  am going to practise with some oranges and if that goes wrong I am going to play the little helpless lady and call in the sons! I knew I was married once for a reason.

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