Saturday, 27 October 2012

Robbie Williams to Switch on Christmas Lights


I love London I really do but pay to stand in Oxford Street to see the Christmas Lights switched on takes the biscuit.

Robbie Williams is switching on the lights great I like him as much as most people. He will plug his new Christmas song and Album fine no problem with that.

The lights will be switched on by him and there will be a bit more music from other people. Great all good for London and the shops.


Why then are we expected to pay for tickets to stand in the cold in Oxford Street to watch this event. 

I really resent this I am a bit of a planner and booked Travelodge rooms months ago to take some of the family to London to see the lights switched on.  I had not planned to have to pay to stand in Oxford street.

I am sure plenty of people will pay but I find the whole principle of it wrong.

Halloween Fun

My eight year old neice was with me earlier talking about her Halloween costume that she is wearing to a party tonight.

She then says aunty Chris can I borrow your laptop please I want to google some spells for tonight!

The modern witch I persume.  It did make me laugh .

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