Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Law as Dickens says -

I studied Crimal Justice at John Moores University getting a good degree, that was in 1993, and Institution Racism was high on the agenda during my 3 years there. Nobody outside the streets and  Universities seemed to be  listening. It would appear not that much has changed in almost twenty years apart from police powers. I do believe like most ration people in justice but I do question the covert filming of people in their own homes being allowed as evidence in a court case.
I know of no other job where when you make mistakes the law is changed to allow you to ultimately regain face which questionable powers.
I again like most people would rather have seen justice through correct policing and investigation at the time of the offence. I am glad SL parents can now feel a little better but it is so sad they lost him through thugs and then had to fight so hard for some measure of justice.
The police do a job that they are paid to do, they also go into policing freely of their own choice, yet they present themselves like they are doing us all a wonderful favour by putting on a uniform. I have no issue with individual police it is the institution of policing and the power it has thats the issue as well as poor accountability when something goes wrong. I work in social services and when something goes wrong there we are suspended and then sacked.