Friday, 13 April 2012

Camden Lock - Sharp Traders and Geriatric Hippies

Camden London

Camden Market in London is open everyday and it is well worth a visit. When you get off the tube at Camden Town turn left and you are on a street with market stalls and off beat shops. Walk to the top of the street and you have food stalls offering India, Chinese, Kebab, Italian etc food to sit and enjoy or takeaway.

The stables market has numerous bronze horses and bronze  blacksmiths which are worthy of a visit alone. They are very realistic and give you a feel of past times.
The stalls sell everything from handbags to lanterns and the atmosphere is busy stall holders are pushy but its a hive of different sights and sounds. Go into the Cyberdog shop which is like a rave with shop staff dressed in high platform shoes and an agenda of no photos allowed.

Children will love it in this shop as  robots are standing guard outside and robots are also in cases on the walls inside. I was at this market for hours and still didn`t see everything. A canal passes through the top of the market and barges sit waiting to be admired, arches pass overhead and trains rumble over their tracks. Teenagers love the clothes and children will be impressed with most of it.  It is London at its best with a clash of fashion and tat, cameras and tourists, goth and music, geriatric hippies and sharp traders.

54-56 Camden Lock Place
Camden Shops London

Some of the shops along the street have quite amazing decor and crazy dragons climb up the walls. Fighting for space are silver lobsters and giant size trainers along with Red Indians and flags. I like all the crystals and coloured candles, the pretty nursery plaques and the silver bangles sold up near the bridge. The handmade chocolates are lovely and hard to resist. Get yourselve a day tube ticket and go and explore Camden Lock you won`t want to miss it

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Science Museum - Staggering and Free

The World in Colour
The Science Museum
Real Cars Stacked
The Science Museum is simply staggering! there is so much to see and its free to get in. It is spread over four floors so allow yourself plenty of time and there is plenty to interest all ages. Who can fail to be impressed by the cars stacked up the walls or the Apollo rocket engines. The Harrier plane hovering above your head or the worlds weather systems changing the globe as you watch. Go it is amazing and for £5 you can experience a 4D rocket show. There can be queues to get into the Museum so go early and if you want to appreciate it all go more than once. I love the old computers that filled up a whole room but were less powerfull than todays mobile phones. The jet engines, replica of the moon landing and steam engines are all not to be missed.  I stayed at the hotel below because it is very near the Science Museum. The British Museum is close by as is Harrods and the Royal Albert Hall. I am not sponsored to write about either the Museum or the hotel these are my own opinions.  I would normally stay somewhere cheaper but as I was planning to visit the Museums which are free to get in staying close was a treat. It also allowed an early start to beat the queues that start to build from from 9am.

The Radisson Vanderbilt Hotel is situated in South Kensington and is only minutes away from the Royal Albert Hall. The hotel is a warren of Edwardian passageways and polished wood, leather chairs and good service. Finding your room for the first time can be a daunting task and verges on annoyance. The room itself was clean comfortable and quiet, I had requested a twin room and it was on the second floor. The room was at the front of the hotel and overlooked the main road. Breakfast was a buffet which had a huge selection and waiters served tea and coffee, times allowed a weekend lie in (7.30 till 10). The Times newspapers were left on low coffee tables and deep leather settees encouraged you to linger,  read and chat. The hotel is everything you would expect and the location is very convienient with a tube station just across the road. I paid £75.00 pppn but weekends are more expensive.

  • 020 7761 9000 Vanderbilt Hotel

  • Sunday, 8 April 2012

    The London Eye and Scary Skeletons

    Ideally placed on the Southbank this `DeathTrap` haunted house is designed to draw in the crowds. TV screens play screaming people passsing through dark alleyways and turning corners into fear. Men in white butchers coats with blood plastered around their mouths try to lure you in. The entrance is scattered with animal skeletons and screams. The drama on the outside is, however, the best part of the whole thing. The walk through scary corridors with things jumping out at you and people rattling cages lasts about 3 minutes.

    County Hall
    Westminster Bridge Road
    South Bank
    That will be £10 each please and a fiver if you want a photo. Give it a miss if you can resist.

    The London Eye is amazing and is also on the Southbank the whole ride takes about 25 minutes. The views are stunning and the capsules are spacious so plenty of room to walk around taking photos. The price is £17.50 per person, more if you want to fastrack the queues. Go later in the day when the queues are smaller.

    Houses of Parliament
     Consider buying a Merlin Card if you are going to be visiting places like Thorpe Park and Legoland. A Merlin Card includes the London Eye and the London Aquarium, Madame Tussards, London Dungeons and you can go in as many times as you like. With London Dungeons and Madame Tussards you also join much smaller queues if you have a Merlin Card. They are expensive initially £125.00 per person but they last a year so are well worth the money, you also get discounts on food and free parking at the theme parks. This is my own opinion and I am not sponsored by Merlin Cards to comment.
    Big Ben photo taken from London eye
    London Eye at Night