Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Wonderful Wimbledon  - photo via twitter

Wimbledon on a budget hover over link which is just below this text.

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Sunshine Boys

I went to see The Sunshine Boys at the Savoy Theatre a few days ago and it is so funny. 

Starring Danny De Vito and Richard Griffiths. The show manages to not only keep you entertained but also staggered at their ability to remember so many lines.

The story of two comedians who fell out years ago being coaxed together for one last show by Danny's long suffering nephew has you laughing throughout.

It is definitely a show worth seeing and although it is having to compete with the many musicals and plays in London it does an admiral job.

I paid £12 each for our tickets and these were for the balcony seats. We were moved down to the stalls as the theatre was not full which was a real bonus.

I have found that matinee performances during the week and Monday and Tuesday evenings are the best options for a possible upgrade.

While you wait to go into the theatre and during the interval you can people watch as taxis and limos arrive at the Savoy Hotel.  I have often thought that the hotel must find it annoying to have all these theatre goers right on their doorstep.

Business is business though and if the theatre is bringing in the money you just have to accept the crowds blocking the pavement I expect.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

St Pauls Cathedral - to pricey to visit.

I went to St Paul's Cathedral today hoping to do the touristy bit and wander about maybe even take a few snaps and gaze at the statues.

Up the steps I went which always make me think of the film Mary Poppins because of the song `feed the birds twopence a bag`. The old lady sits on the steps of St Paul's as she sings and feeds the pigeons.  Well twopence might feed the birds but it certainly won`t get you into St Paul's  they charge £15.00! to walk in the door. I really could not believe it £15.00 per adult now that is a lot of money to walk into a church. You are not allowed to take photo`s either why not I can`t imagine. Just say no photos in the dome surely that is enough.

I have paid a reasonable £5.00 to go into Chester Cathedral but at least I could take a photo. St Albans beautiful Cathedral is free and again photos are allowed.
The stone walls and arches are hardly going to be damaged by cameras and any fragile painting are usually now in the art gallery. The damage of counters set up to take money, ropes to guide the queue, staff to ensure you are not sneaking through the no entry sign, railings carrying signs of no photos allowed, and locked doors are obviously acceptable.

I shall go back one Sunday evening for the church service and hope I am not charged then to knee in prayer.

I decided to protest with my feet and refused to pay the entrance fee and sat in the sun in the small Cathedral garden with the local office workers having their lunch. 

The general idea of Boris Johnson and Co that as long as prices are under £20 that is acceptable shows a total disregard for people on minimum wages. Including paying tax you would need to work 4 plus hours just to walk into St Pauls.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Good Life??? - Your Joking.

I have just spent a week in Wales looking after 6 ducks, 6 chickens, Alex the donkey, toggsie the goat, Sarron the German Shepard dog and Robbie the great dane. 

I have slipped around in the mud in the rain lashed field. chased the birds from the allotment and watched the goat chase after a pheasant up onto the roof of the stable.

the water babies

One of the chickens was an egg lifter she would steal all the other eggs and try to hatch them. Seven I found under her nobody has ever told this chicken you need a rooster to have chicks! In a fit of annoyance at me she scarpered into the duck house and wouldn`t come out.


Sarron is totally adorable but greets each morning with a hyper run around the drive preferably with my shoe in his mouth. Then refuses to leave my side for the day. Robbie the dane likes to chase rabbits only problem is I am at the other end of the lead.  Try and get him into his kennel and he does the dying fly act on the patio, now a three year old child having a tantrum I can handle. You can`t just pick up a dane though so its coax with the biscuit, oh please the patience you need, then quickly lock the kennel door before said biscuit is woofed.

Alex and Toggie

Look cute these two don`t they well they are both bigger than they look in the picture and toggies the goat eats anything.  That includes your clothes so don`t take off your fleece and leave it on the wheelbarrow as you clean out the stable. This goat is the biggest swiftest hoover I have ever seen.  Alex won`t let you out of the chicken run unless you give him the bucket that has had the chicken food in. He will stand sideways against the door so you can`t get past him. 

They are wonderful characters and I have great fun and a free gym when I go Wales to look after my son and daughter-in-laws place. It makes me appreciate eggs in boxes in the supermarket. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Liverpool - Memory Lane

Memory Lane - Liverpool I grew up in Liverpool 8 where most of the men worked on the docks. We lived in tenement blocks and my sole ambition was to live in `posh` Southport 15 miles up the coast. I did indeed live in Southport for many years and my children grew up there. I think the beat of the city can only be appreciated once you are an adult. Liverpool is my home city so holds a special place in my heart. I haven`t lived there since I was 17 and have no wish to do so but to visit is exciting.

Sailing ship gets decks varnished.

The docks are no longer the workplace of thousands and places like the Albert Dock draw in the tourist crowds. A man varnishing the decks of an old sail boat oblivious to the Beatle hunters reminds me more of being a child in Liverpool. I can remember the over head train that took the men from one part of the dock to another.  The dockland pubs and the palours kept as best in already tiny terrace houses. It was a hard life for the men and no easier for their wives at home with endless children hoping for a decent cut of the wage packet. The green and orange split of religion came to a head on `King Billys Day` when we surpossedly sweet catholics fuelled the divisons with rotten fruit thrown with accurate aim.

Tate and Lyle sugar factory

The Sugar factory above employed hundreds of women and two of my sisters worked there for a while. This factory was also near the docks as were many others.

The closed Steel and Ironworks

Today Gucci and designers shops fill Liverpool One, fashion has always had a place in Liverpool but it was Great Homer Street market with its second/third hand shoes, coats and school uniforms that clothed us in the 60`s.

Two Suns through the railings

This photo taken near the docks makes me think of the two great football teams of Liverpool. Liverpool and Everton you are either a Blue or a Red but never would you support a southern team.  This is something I find really strange now I live down South. they do actually support teams like Liverpool or Manchester. An strange concept to a scouser. Liverpool is gritty, strong and fearsome. Love it or hate it everyone has heard of it.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Westlife Final Tour

      WESTLIFE FINAL TOUR AT 02 LONDON. FANTASTIC SHOW. thanks to Max for photos

Monday, 4 June 2012

Street Party Bus Fun

Street Party Bus gets ready

Fun and  Games

We had the most amazing day today at our street party. Greatlittleideas provided the bus, food, music, photographer and people to entertain the children. Fabulous cream teas were just one of the many delights coming from the kitchen on the bus. Amazing and we can`t thank the company enough for providing a whole afternoon of none stop food and entertainment. I won a competition with the company for my `Ice is Nice` great little idea which included layering red white and blue fruits and topping with ice cream and including mini rolls in the dish. 

Red white and blue

Friends and neighbours joined the fun and even the sun came out to light up the red white and blue flags and balloons. 

Tables set to party

Goody bags were eagerly taken by the children and they waved their flags as the bus prepared to leave after five wonderful hours. Makes you very proud to be British when you see a street party with it bunting flying and people laughing. Even better when you have a big red bus with your own address on the front destined to make your day.   

Ice is Nice

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Magnificant River Pageant

The Queen  and Prince Phillip

As far as I got to the Thames

William Kate and Harry

flags wave in celebration
Boats Pass tower Bridge

Arriving in London today everyone excepted the city to be extremely busy but it was like the whole world was there. We got nowhere near the Thames and where given the advice by stewards and police to go to Trafalgar Square and watch the pageant from the big screen there. Hundreds of us walked to to the square to sit in front of a blank screen waiting for the start of the festivities. Finally the bored men in charge of the screen said that the screen was not showing the pageant and in fact had been erected for Tuesdays parade. They told us to go to the screen in St James Park, off we went there to find out the same thing, screen not showing the pageant it is there for the concert tomorrow.  By now I really had had enough and wanted to go home. We decided however to get a taxi to Tower Bridge and try and catch a glimpse of the event there. We spent a rain soaked hour in a crowd nowhere near the river but at least watching from a large screen. The camera managed to get some images from the screen which are posted above. I didn`t even see the Thames never mind a boat.

I understand that it was too busy to get near the river, I do not understand the wrong information being given to hundreds of people by people paid to advise the tourists. I don`t understand the lack of large screen coverage at prime sites nor do I understand the lack safety measures at Tower Bridge tube Station once the pageant finished.

The pageant looked amazing on my TV at home tonight I wish I had stayed here and watched it.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lets Go Party!!!

Celebration omids.jpg
Hyde Park - Sainsbury event looks like we will have a great day here today.

My two neices Callie and Jenna

Jubilee Celebration time

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Party Time - google image