Saturday, 9 June 2012

Westlife Final Tour

      WESTLIFE FINAL TOUR AT 02 LONDON. FANTASTIC SHOW. thanks to Max for photos

Monday, 4 June 2012

Street Party Bus Fun

Street Party Bus gets ready

Fun and  Games

We had the most amazing day today at our street party. Greatlittleideas provided the bus, food, music, photographer and people to entertain the children. Fabulous cream teas were just one of the many delights coming from the kitchen on the bus. Amazing and we can`t thank the company enough for providing a whole afternoon of none stop food and entertainment. I won a competition with the company for my `Ice is Nice` great little idea which included layering red white and blue fruits and topping with ice cream and including mini rolls in the dish. 

Red white and blue

Friends and neighbours joined the fun and even the sun came out to light up the red white and blue flags and balloons. 

Tables set to party

Goody bags were eagerly taken by the children and they waved their flags as the bus prepared to leave after five wonderful hours. Makes you very proud to be British when you see a street party with it bunting flying and people laughing. Even better when you have a big red bus with your own address on the front destined to make your day.   

Ice is Nice

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Magnificant River Pageant

The Queen  and Prince Phillip

As far as I got to the Thames

William Kate and Harry

flags wave in celebration
Boats Pass tower Bridge

Arriving in London today everyone excepted the city to be extremely busy but it was like the whole world was there. We got nowhere near the Thames and where given the advice by stewards and police to go to Trafalgar Square and watch the pageant from the big screen there. Hundreds of us walked to to the square to sit in front of a blank screen waiting for the start of the festivities. Finally the bored men in charge of the screen said that the screen was not showing the pageant and in fact had been erected for Tuesdays parade. They told us to go to the screen in St James Park, off we went there to find out the same thing, screen not showing the pageant it is there for the concert tomorrow.  By now I really had had enough and wanted to go home. We decided however to get a taxi to Tower Bridge and try and catch a glimpse of the event there. We spent a rain soaked hour in a crowd nowhere near the river but at least watching from a large screen. The camera managed to get some images from the screen which are posted above. I didn`t even see the Thames never mind a boat.

I understand that it was too busy to get near the river, I do not understand the wrong information being given to hundreds of people by people paid to advise the tourists. I don`t understand the lack of large screen coverage at prime sites nor do I understand the lack safety measures at Tower Bridge tube Station once the pageant finished.

The pageant looked amazing on my TV at home tonight I wish I had stayed here and watched it.