Saturday, 14 July 2012

Shaw`s Corner - National Trust

George Bernard Shaw  (1856-1950) The  famous playwriter was born in Dublin the son of a civil servant. His education was irregular, due to his dislike of any organised training. After working in an estate agent's office for a while he moved to London as a young man (1876), where he established himself as a leading music and theatre critic in the eighties and nineties and became a prominent member of the Fabian SocietyHe married Charlotte Townsend the Irish heiress and fellow fabian Society memeber.

Noble Prize for Literature and Shaw`s Oscar

Shaw`s Corner is the home George Bernard Shaw moved into with his wife in 1906 and stayed until he died in 1950.  The house sits off a winding lane near  Wheathampstead in Hertfordshire. Shaw left the house to the NationalTrust. The Oscar he was awarded in 1938 for his screenplay adaption of Pygmalion sits next to his Noble Prize for Literature.

Shaw`s House

Famous revolving shed

Inside the writing shed

Shaw loved to write in his revolving shed at the bottom of his garden. His typewriter still sits on the small desk inside the shed. He also loved bird watching and photography and his garden gave him plenty of subjects to study. His wife died in 1943 and she is shown in many of his photographs.

The magnificent garden is a treasure of hidden paths and beautiful flowers and willow trees give a glimpse of the house as they wave with the wind.

Shaw`s beautiful home