Friday, 17 August 2012

The Patient Fisherman

Once the office work was done today I was out looking for photos opportunities to try out my new camera I wasn`t in London today I was in St Albans which is not to far from where I live.

Archie waits patiently while I snap the Heron

The patient fisherman

This lovely Heron was as still as stone while he waited for his dinner to pass by. I didn`t get the lighting right on the water but I was still pleased to get the Heron with the duck staying just out of his reach.

I`m off

This cheeky geese got some bread the swan had earmarked for himself then hot footed it away.

 Shall we get away from the riff raff?

The trees are starting to change colour

Although the sun is warm today and the forecast looks good for the weekend the trees are already starting to change colour. Where did summer go then? scary isn`t it how quickly we are looking into Autumn.

I hope that's bread in that bag

It is a lovely park and St Albans is an interesting place full of Roman history Tudor buildings and good shops. It is a city but a very small one and the Cathedral is worth a visit and inside you will find the Abbott's cafe which is very nice.  It is only half an hour on the train from London. Jamie Oliver has opened a Jamie's Italian in St Albans although I haven`t managed to go yet probably because I haven`t won a meal there. I have heard its excellent and do have it on my wish list.  

Zoom works well - Rooftops

Talking of wins I have won yet more tickets to the Paralimpics this time for swimming which is one of the sports I really wanted to see. Really pleased with that. My social life would be almost non-existent without comping and I love winning tickets to things.  There is a an exciting blogging comp to visit Japan which I know some people would love to win. For me though I wouldn`t be entering that one as I`m more a weekend in Europe kind of girl.

I will be writing about London again in a few days because I want to tell you about some of the great shows I have seen recently. I never spend more than £25 on a theatre ticket and am addicted to the theatre. I am sure in another life I would have worked on stage sets or costumes. Maybe I will be one of the old theatre ghosts who stand at back and watch every performance not for a very long time of course.

The bright lights of London.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral is situated very close to the Tower of London and is a beautiful Cathedral. In competition for visitors with the many other wonderful buildings in London it can be forgotten. Do make the effort to see Southwark as the arched ceilings alone are impressive.

 The Cathedral closes at 6 pm and there is a £4 charge to take photographs which is used towards the upkeep of the building. As it was quite late when I arrived I didn`t really have time to appreciate all it has to offer. A tomb where a lady has been laid to rest in a slightly elevated position next to her husband to show she was of a higher class says a lot about our history. Our preoccupation with class extending into the tomb. 

The arches in the cathedral and the arched ceiling give the impression of a never ending path leading to stained glass windows. It is very effective at drawing the eye towards the altars.

Cathedral windows

 The stained glass windows reflect the sunset over the nearby Thames and the main feeling is soothing. Candles burn along the passages and side alters with small statues offer a private place to say a prayer or two. It seemed a little intrusive to be taking photos in such a tranquil place but at the same time it is irresistible.

Southwark Cathedral

I will certainly go back to find out more about Southwark and spend a bit more time there. I am not religious but I love taking photos of Cathedrals as they are so impressive and say so much about our past.

Organ at southwark

I really like social history and find Cathedrals interesting as the building of them usually takes more than one generation. I argue with myself about if they were good for the ordinary people in that they provided work but was it more a case of work or starve.  The legacy is stunning so I do hope that people did get a fair deal.

London is still buzzing from the Olympics and flags are still flying waiting for the Paralympics to start on 29th August.

Flags flying


Monday, 13 August 2012

London - back to fabulous

Now the athletes are heading home and it is a few weeks before the  Paralympics start I thought a walk through some of Londons everyday wonders would be good.  The games have been magnificent and I can`t wait to go to some of the Paralympic events I have tickets for but  for now Londons own interesting places is enough.

Westminister Abbey

Modern Sculpturs

Famous statures

Skylines and Towers

Rooftops of Parliment

London Bridge

I am getting a new camera on Wednesday and look forward to taking it out and about and seeing what I can capture. I am also going to a cookery masterclass by none other than Raymond Blanc on 29th so that should be interesting. I will make sure I get plenty of photos.