Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ashridge National Trust Estate

Ashridge National Trust Estate

Working on the cabin steps

It was such a beautiful day today I wanted to do as much walking and photography as possible. London will be amazing this weekend with the Mayors show and lots of free entertainment around the city. Then its the Paralympic Closing Ceremony tomorrow night which should be superb. As I am going to the Olympic Parade on Monday as a guest of Heineken I stayed close to home today.

After a short walk along the canal I headed off to Ashridge a National Trust Estate with hundreds of acres of woodland. It is so lovely up there and you can stay where families gather for picnics or wander in perfect isolation. Luckily for me it is only 15 minutes drive away from where I live.

Ashridge Monument

Pedal Power

I want to walk along this

I am such a child I want to balance across the fallen trees and jump in the few muddy puddles I have seen todayDignity prevents such behaviour as I am alone with a camera someone might decide I have escaped from a carer or had to much sun.

National Trust


Canal Bank Hemel Hempstead

Canal Bank

Keep thinking I must get a dog but as I live in a flat and I can always `borrow` a dog to walk with I have resisted. A dog would also be such a tie if I wanted to go away and its hardly fair to leave one in a flat alone all day. I do love them though so I will be out with my son and his dog
Archie tomorrow.  If I was in Wales now I would be doing this......


Robbie and Sarron

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Olympic Stadium Athletics

These photos are from the races at the Olympic Stadium today (Thursday). I gave my nephew George some tickets I had and he was delighted to go and see some of the games.  He is back on duty in Afgan from the weekend so the Paralympics is close to his heart. The photos came with a lovely thank you message. 

Looks like they had great seats. He said that the paralympic athletes `Are the True Warriors of this World`. Well said. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Aquatic Centre Screams for Ellie

Olympic Park everyone  is watching the swimming.

The crowds and the flag rise for Ellie 
I was lucky enough to be watching the swimming last night thanks to tickets from Coca Cola that I won recently. We had excellent seats just four rows from the front and the centre was jammed with cheering crowds. Ellie powered ahead to claim her gold medal and we were all on our feet long before she finished first. It was a tense exciting race and the inspirational Ellie got the roaring applause she deserved.

                                      Ellie receives her Gold Medal

                                      Ellie sheds  a tear of happiness

                                                     Men's 100 metre race

There was plenty more excitement in the water last night with the men's 50 metres and 100 metres being loudly cheered.

                                                     Preparing for the race of a lifetime

                                                   The guys prepare for their race.

                                                  Freestyle race.

I have really enjoyed the Olympics and the Paralmpics and I have been to a few of the events but last night was the most dramatic and inspirational. The athletes were truly sensational.  They made the water their own territory were disability was irrelevant with power, style and determination being all that mattered.