Saturday, 29 September 2012

Are Restricted View Theatre Seats worth the Money?

I was reading this article about trying to make the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden London more accessible and popular.


Which in turn leads to the whole question of whether any theatre is worth going to if you can only afford very cheap tickets.

I have been to the  to the roh to see the Nutcracker Ballet and Swan Lake.  On both occasions I have paid £8 per seat to sit in the slips. This means sitting on a bench and being unable to see a third of the stage but it is still very enjoyable.  The dancers use the whole stage so they are not out of view for long. The roh itself is pretty magnificent inside and you still see the most beautiful ballet dancers. Lots of people take their children and sit in the slips.  I think it depends when you go and what you expect for your money. I go around Christmas time with my daughter and friends and we love going into the roh and see it as part of Christmas time in London.

I have just bought tickets for this year to see The Nutcracker at roh for Saturday January 5th at 12.30 and once again I have paid £8 per ticket with no booking fee.  We shall go and spend a few hours watching this pretty show and then wander around the sales and see the Christmas lights. (Link)

Photos from roh site.

The argument about the roh being elitist is just silly yes the best seats are expensive but they are in most theatres. You can get tickets to stand for most shows for £5. Yes I would like to be able to afford the best seats but it is the same with hotels and most other things. Many of us can`t afford to stay in the Savoy or such like when visiting London but maybe we can stay in a Travelodge if we book early and go midweek. We still see London.

I have been to many London theatre shows for £20 or less sometimes you are really lucky and get `upgraded` to stall seats.  This happened to us recently at `Rock of Ages` and `The Sunshine Boys`. Sometimes your seats are indeed very high in huge theatres showing musicals like `Wicked` and `Shrek`.  You still see the show and the stage effects are pretty special and very big so everyone can enjoy them. You may have to strain you neck a little to look over the balcony rail but really who cares when you are seeing such amazing shows for less than the price of a family outing to the cinema.

I have only had one show where it truly was impossible to see the show without a climbing rope to scale down the wall!  That was `Cat on a Hot Tin Roof`. We moved in the interval to other empty seats but that is the only time in ten years I have been annoyed at the allocated seats.

My answer would be yes go to any show you like the sound of and don`t be afraid to go in cheap seats. I try to use other sites rather than though do go direct to the theatres own site first.

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