Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday London Rant

Euston Station

30p to use the toilet!!

Who has 30p in change anyway so you have to wait for the sour faced woman(and who can blame her) to give you some change to put in this money making machine.

What ever happened to 10p?

Trafalger Square Fountain

Can`t think of water right now ha ha

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Magic, Tarot and Libraries

I was in the British Library a few days ago as I am interested in the history of Magic amongst other things. I could literally spend every day in this library as books are very important in my life. The British Library has lots of events and art exhibitions as well as beautiful books. It is often neglected by tourists but is well worth a visit. Website link here -

Map of the British Library
The British Library
96 Euston Road

On the theme of magic here is a pinterest board I have made

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I thought this was funny and this one.

Organic witches! 
Organic Witches

Maybe I just have a strange sense of humour but being a Vodka Witch tends to do that. Vodka Witch is a family joke as we have a lot of women in the family hence `Vodka Witches` I prefer wine to be honest.

I read Tarot Cards and have done for many years so I love things like crystals, candles and spooky stories. If you don`t believe in a little magic you will never find any. will you.

No I can`t tell you the lottery numbers and I don`t earn a living from Tarot reading I work supporting young people. In fact I really don`t see how people can pay a mortgage, bills etc from reading cards hence all the silly phone in rubbish. This and stage work bring in the money for some but it is not a good way to give a reading. Reading for someone is personal, it is often emotional for the sitter, and should be a one to one experience. It is impossible over a phone or from a stage. Yes you need to charge for your time and skill but sit with your client please. 

Psychometry - the ability to `read` ( get a connect from)  an object is absolutely possible and is part of any good reading.  For some reason I get a better readings from metal like keys or rings. Practise this yourself it is a learnt skill.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas Lights Oxford Street - If You paid

Marmite Christmas lights get switched on in London. Crowds heaved through Oxford Street as Leona Lewis and Robbie Williams switched on the lights

Pity the poor people who stood for hours in the cold and didn`t have the exculsive tickets. They were not even allowed  near the barriers to watch the big screen.

 Bad show London very Bad!