Friday, 16 November 2012

Beautiful Stunning North Wales

Conwy Estuary
Snowdonia Mountain Range
I am lucky enough to be in North Wales for a week and couldn't wait to go out with the camera in the soft afternoon light today.
Conwy Castle

Near where I am staying

Fabulous Place

Welsh Tourist Information link

Conwy Castles and Holidays

A Fabulous Stay in Wales 

Friday London Rant

Why do places say near one tube station when another is closer?

A few examples Covent Garden Travelodge say nearest tube is Covent Garden but Holborn is nearer.

The new H10 Hotel in Waterloo says Waterloo Station is closest but Lambeth is closer.

Important info if you have heavy bags or can`t walk very far and simply annoying for anyone else.

London Tube Sign

Monday, 12 November 2012

Haunted London

I went on a Haunted London Ghost Walk recently with  ( the cost was £9 per person and the walk last around 2 hours.

The walk was really good we heard how a lady buried in her wedding dress walked through the streets leaving fear in her wake. The unfortunate woman was not a ghost but had been buried in the mistaken belief she was dead. Luckily she had not been nailed in a coffin so was able to dig herself free but in the middle of the night in a wedding gown covered in mud she looked ever inch the ghost.

 Another story was of the ghost who came to his father every night saying his teeth were being stolen. Indeed when the father went to the grave it had been vandalised and the corpse teeth removed. Teeth were highly prized in a world when most peoples teeth were rotten and would have sold for a high price.
Innocent looking buildings that housed terror in their basement from long forgotten cells and torture chambers were said to howl in the night.

The leader of the group Peter was excellent and was extremely interested in London and its history. He pointed out blue plaques on the walls of some building which meant they were a place of interest. I have never even noticed these plaques before but there are loads in London apparently.

The walk took use through the banking section of London which is quiet in the evening and added to the ghostly atmosphere. As it was very cold a couple of pubs we passed became welcome pit stops to our group. The walks start from various tube stations and ours started at 7.30pm from Monument Tube Station. The people in the group were a mixed bunch of tourists some from France and America. We all really enjoyed the walk and I am now planning another and can`t wait.

They have intriguing names like `Ghosts, Gaslight and Guiness`  `The City of the Gallows` `Jack the Ripper` and numerous other walks that are not ghost walks.  Walks go on daily morning afternoon and evenings so there is something for everyone.

Timeless London - photo taken by my son Anthony

This my own opinion I am not sponsored by the above company.