Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Deer! Deer! Deer! - Woburn Abbey

I can see you

Some more photos from Woburn Abbey Deer Park which is well worth a visit and costs £4.50 per adult. We spent a happy few hours here yesterday until our fingers were so cold clicking cameras we thought it was time to leave. You can drive around some of the 30,000 acre park or leave the car in the car park and walk. We did a bit of both and were very lucky as few other people were in the park so the deer were not hiding in far corners of the estate.

Aren`t I tiny
We seen three different species of deer as we wandered around each in their herds, this tiny fellow was not far from his mum.

Who`s watching who Deer!

This is my son Mark who gets the most amazing photos of a large stag close by, he is braver than me I was not going anywhere near those antlers. One of the young male deers watches with interest while another looks totally bored.

Magnificent Stag

I got this photo of the stag as he herded the females across the fields from a much safer place I was sitting in the car. If you go to the park do check the opening times the park is open from 10 am but the cafe is only open Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday in the winter. We would have taken a flask if we had checked this first.  I have put a link below however I am not sponsored by Woburn. I like my blog add free.

Link for info

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