Thursday, 14 February 2013

BAFTA Red Carpet photos

I was very lucky to win VIP tickets to the BAFTA Awards with The Daily Mirror.  The prize included an overnight stay at the Strand Palace Hotel near Covent Gardens, place to watch the red carpet action, seats in Royal Opera House and dinner at Forge Resturant in Covent Gardens.
Bafta ready me
Bafta ready sister Maggie

It was a very cold wet night and umberellas were out in force. The red carpet was busy with people trying to dodge the rain puddles, soaking wet silk trails from fab long dresses, and media presenters.

Anna Hathaway

Looked amazing and came over to ask us if we were enjoying the evening and hoped we weren`t getting to wet. She seemed lovely.

George Clooney says hello

The hero of the night for me, George Clooney, he completely ignored the press, splashed through the rain puddles and came to ask if I was enjoying the evening. `I am now `I mumbled. He made a point of speaking to us all individually and it was much appreciated. He was one of the last down the red carpet and we were all very cold by then.

George Clooney

                                                       Hellen Mirram sports her pink hair

                                                      We all get very wet - see the rain puddles!

                                                       Director of Les Mis says hello

                                                      The fabulous Helena

                                                      Celbs say hello

A great evening and one my sister and I will certainly remember.

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