Saturday, 27 April 2013

Beautiful Windsor and Eton

Me outside the massive sprawl which is  Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle from the River Bank

Previously I  had only spent a few hours in Windsor and having found it a truly beautiful place I wanted to go back.  I booked two family rooms at the Windsor Travelodge last November for April.  Tip - go midweek or book a Sunday night and book early.

Windsor Castle is massive and seems to be in three separate sections although it is all classed as Windsor Castle.  The Royal Standard was flying over the castle meaning the Queen was at home though not surprisingly we didn`t see any of the Royal family.

 Some tourists  from China we spoke to thought that because the flag was flying the Queen would come outside, strange ideas some people have. 
It is expensive per adult to go inside and view the grounds and some of the staterooms. We were on a budget and decided not to go into the castle. We did spend £5.70 each for a forty minute boat trip down the Thames.


Impressive Castle

We took a  leisurely boat trip along the river passing Windsor Race Course and the riverbank of Eton College. We sailed past the most amazing houses where gardens slipped ultimately into river and swans sat resting in the sun.

Having seen glimpses of Eton College from the boat trip my son Anthony and I wandered off to see more. My daughter Katrina and her husband Richard decided to stay put and sample the beer at the inviting pub by the waterside.

Eton Chapel

Amazing buildings are scattered around with faculty names above their entrances and pretty gardens hidden behind the arched doorways.

Nice place to study I know I would be happy to spend a good few years studying around Windsor.

This path in Windsor Great Park seems truly endless and goes on for as far as you can see. Horses canter down the path and jealous walkers on tired legs wish for a bus to pass.


Great way to travel around Windsor and the kids would love it. If you are going to Legoland it is only a few miles away and a shuttle bus runs there from Windsor town centre.

Time for a well earned coffee in this very old, very crooked cafe, which sits on the high street beside estate agents and pizza places.

One of the first postboxes sits yards from the back of the Castle.  Post from Queen Victoria may have sat here waiting to summond lords and ladies to dinner. Today we laughed as an Ocado food delivery van drove though the Castle gates. How times change

A policeman and the Queens Guards are calm yet impressive figures outside the gate leading to the Royal apartments.  We enjoyed our 24 hours in Windsor and will certainly visit again. 

Stay at Windsor 

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