Sunday, 21 April 2013

Money Saving Tips


Here`s my Money saving tips.

1. Book Travelodge rooms at least six months in advance to get the best deals.  Just been to Windsor with the family ( I Booked 2 family rooms last October) £25 per room.

2. Take sachets of coffee and teabags with you buy in pound shops there is never enough tea and coffee in hotel rooms.

3. If you have young children buy Merlin cards in January when they are cheapest and don`t activate them until the Easter holidays. Save Tesco points to pay for one or two.

4. Collect vouchers from newspapers for cheap holidays or try freecycle for a tent.

5. Make use of all the websites that give advice on car insurance/credit cards/ codes for free delivery/ discounts etc.

6. Use a cashback sites like quidco

7. Don`t buy packet cereal use porridge oats with a banana instead. Healthy and cheap.

8. Keep a flask by the kettle and pour any spare hot water into it for your next coffee.

9. Pour a packet of salt down your loo and leave overnight if its beginning to clog with toilet paper.

10. Get to know how to dye clothes it saves a lot and can be used to revamp faded black jeans.

11. Grow your plants from seeds don`t buy them from garden centres.

12. Know whats in your freezer and store cupboards so you are not re buying the same things.

13. Use the market for fruit and veg and discount shops for as much as possible. Approved foods is worth checking out too.

14.  Get to know your local allotment group they will often sell some of there gluts very cheaply.

15. Yellow stickers are your friend especially on basics like bread and milk. Shop between 7 and 9pm when possible.

16. Car boot sales are good for children's toys and toiletries.

17. Get crafty and make your own cards and gifts I am not very good at this so I am learning with some library books. So join the library and learn a new skill.

18. My GP surgery has free weigh-in every week and diet sheets. Saves a slimming club cost and does the same job.

19.  Walking boots are much cheaper than a gym membership and a pair of trainers are fine to.

20. Make cakes and biscuits don`t pay the high prices in the shops. A tray bake is easy to do and for a sponge cake use the basic sponge mix. 24p in some supermarkets.

21. A plant spray plastic bottle filled with diluted bleach cleans most things so you don`t need expensive cleaners.

22. Volunteer for the National Trust and you get reduced fees when visiting their properties. If you go on a weeks  working holiday, which are great fun and fantastic value, you get a free years membership. 

23. Mix value cheese spread with value salmon shavings for a taste of luxury on your sandwiches for pennies.

24. An old sock on your hand makes a great duster.

25. Buy memory foam inner soles for all you shoes and boots ( in 99p shops) they make your shoes much warmer in winter.

26. Learn how to make soda bread it is cheap and quick to make.  No yeast is required so it can go straight in the oven and it tastes good.

27. Use sites like,, quidco, and Hotdealsuk always!

28. Try entering free competitions you just might get lucky. I went to the BAFTAS  recently which was amazing. Won through entering a free competition with a daily newspaper.

29. Print off vouchers from sites like when going to resturants. There are often 241 vouchers to print off.

30. Follow blogs like `Life After Money ` for extreme moneysaving tips.

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