Thursday, 23 May 2013

Holiday Fashion - Help needed

I have a problem not on a world changing life or death level but on a fashion front level.

I am fat, I don`t smoke, hardly drink don`t beat up old ladies or get tagged for anti-social behaviour.  Shock horror I do eat cake and chocolate and can`t stick to a diet for more than a week. I don`t want lectures  because guess what I believe most of us self abuse in one way or another.  The foot that goes too hard on the pedal, a lousy relationship that has you reaching for a recreational wine bottle or smoke, or you walk up a mountain in just a tee-shirt. Perfection is so hard to attain isn`t it and I`m just happy to maintain this weight now and not get any bigger.

Dressing is not a problem most of the time but I am going on holiday soon and I have made the most awful fashion mistakes in the past.

 I usually end up looking like a bouncing castle when I try to wear bright clothes or if I stick to say just red I look like a post box. I can cope with winter dressing I actually think I look quite good on this photo. Long skirts, boots a colorful scarf and your done.

Here though I look hideous using dark clothes on a sunny day.

 My best summer effort is this which I wore to Ladies Day at Ascot so I need some serious fashion advice. Where are the amazing accessories? still in the shop because I haven`t a clue how to get it all right.

So far I have avoided packing but the days are ticking off the and my holiday to Turkey draws closer.   Will Linen trousers and a jacket be ok for the airport or will I look like I am going to work? Do three quarter length trousers make me look like a baglady or is it best to just stick to skirts and tops. I can`t believe I have got into my fifties without being fashion savvy. 

Never mind if all else fails I can always airbrush the hell out of the holiday photos.


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